Justuno Works on Any eCommerce Platform

Here is a quick list of some of our favorites. If the platform you are currently using is not on this list, that doesn't mean Justuno won't work. Justuno works on any platform! If you need further assistance with your installation, please view our support.

3d Cart Install

Step 1: Log in and click "Store Settings"

Step 2: Last Step, it's super easy!

Paste your embed code into your global footer section, hit save and your done!

Amazon Webstore Installation

Step 1: Go to Store Merchandising & Layout to select the page(s) you want to embed on.

and then...

Step 2: Drag the HTML Widget into a Drop Widget here tab. (Footer Tabs are best)

Step 3: A pop up box will appear that allows you to paste your embed code.

Step 4: Copy your Justuno embed code from your Justuno account.

Step 5: Paste into the pop up box and click "Save".

Step 6: To preview your changes before you pubilsh. Click the "Preview" button in the upper right corner.

Step 7: Meet Justuno :)

Big Commerce Installation Video

A step by step video to install Justuno on Big Commerce

Magento Install

Step 1: Login to Magento admin and choose "System" and then "Configuration" sub menu, then click on design.

Step 2: Open "Footer" and find "Miscellaneous HTML". Paste the HTML in the text box

Click the orange "Save Config" button

And you're done!

Magento Go Install

Step 1: Log into your account and click "System > Configuration"

Step 2: On Left side nav click "Design" and paste your Justuno Embed code into the "Footer - Misc. Html" box and click "Save" in upper right and you done!

Shopify Installation Video

A step by step video to install Justuno on Shopify

Volusion Install

Step 1: Log into your Volusion account and Click "Design" and then "File Editor".

Step 2: On the right side below "Shortcuts" in the "Template Files", Click the first option which is "template_210.html" in this case"

Step 3: Your goal here is to paste your Justuno embed code into the footer of your website template. Same as if you were adding Google Analytics script. Scroll down to the bottom of your template file and we suggest pasting the embed code below the "VOLUSION LINK" that is also in your footer. (See diagram 3 below)

Click "SAVE" and Justuno is now live on your website!