The Social Marketing App of 2014

Who doesn't love a deal? Join the thousands of marketing pros and social media gurus who are using the Justuno Incentive App -- ramp up your social marketing efforts with just a few clicks!

Socially Savvy

Be Followed

Grow your social followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin with our user-friendly widget. Not interested in displaying all channels? No problem. You have the option to easily deactivate any channels you don’t want.

Build Your Mailing List

Stay in touch

Take your marketing campaign to the next level. In exchange for a promo code customers also have the option to sign up with an email. Grow your mailing lists with new leads—perfect for follow-up communication with your customers!

Target Customers for Maximum Sales

Get to know your audience

Increase the effectiveness of your widget with audience targeting. With just a few clicks, easily set rules for your widget to gain the highest sales and social conversions possible.

A Touch of DIY

Don’t lose your company branding

We’d like to share a few more of our manageable features that help preserve your company’s branding:

  • Tease your visitors with a widget preview slider. It’s bound to attract attention.
  • Customize the look of your widget for maximum impact.
  • Be an original. You have the power to edit your widget text / color and choose any language.
  • Preview your widget before it goes live on the site! Edit and customize with control and peace of mind.
  • Check out what Beloved Shirts were able to do!

Comprehensive Analytics

Keep on track

We’ll do the work for you! Manage your account and keep track of your stats with our analytics tool. Analyze your social shares and email sign-up activity—it’s a nice addition to any report or whitepaper.

Easy to Install App Code

Embed it and forget it

Go live with the Justuno app in minutes with our easy to install code! Once the code is embedded, you never have to touch it again. Added bonus— install Justuno with a couple of clicks or less through these popular app stores: Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento.

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