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CRM & Email Marketing, Analytics & Marketing Science, Onsite Promotions

About Email Experts

Email Experts are specialised Email Marketing professionals focused on the E-commerce industry. We take the time to develop a robust list growth strategy, segment visitors and customers and increase customer lifetime value.

As a committed email marketing agency, we know the latest trends and changes. Because of this, our clients are always the winners. We are thought leaders; we conduct our own research and know what is working best for Australian audiences today.

Justuno marketing agency partners

Find a direction

Our agency partners help develop a unique plan specific to your growth goals. Using Justuno in each step of your marketing funnel, you’ll improve immediately.

Justuno email list building

Build your list fast

All email pop-ups are not created equal. Our agency partners use Justuno to work with your email service provider (ESP) to build your email list - fast - in a segmented way.

Justuno optimize your traffic

Optimize your traffic

Justuno agency partners can help you optimize the traffic coming to your site. With Justuno, you can target Facebook, Google and paid ads with personalized messages.

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