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Increase e-commerce Revenue 20-30% with Email Marketing. Show us what you want to sell, and we'll help you write, design and setup automated emails for your e-commerce business.


CRM & Email Marketing, Facebook Messenger Campaigns, Onsite Promotions

About Instant Email Copy

A small but mighty team of e-commerce email marketers, we help businesses of all sizes dramatically grow revenue with lifecycle email marketing

Instant Email Copy is made up of copywriters, designers, strategizers, and marketing extraordinaires who specialize in nurturing relationships and guiding sales through the sheer power of email.

You don’t just sell products online. You solve problems. You give the gift of convenience and a better quality of life — even moments of joy, relief, or self-esteem.

And we believe your customers deserve a connection with you, their masked hero. The power of email allows you to unlock the key to success: earning the trust (and continued business) of your customers.

Lifecycle Email Marketing

Email marketing should account for 25-35% of your total online revenue.

Justuno marketing agency partners

Find a direction

Our agency partners help develop a unique plan specific to your growth goals. Using Justuno in each step of your marketing funnel, you’ll improve immediately.

Justuno email list building

Build your list fast

All email pop-ups are not created equal. Our agency partners use Justuno to work with your email service provider (ESP) to build your email list - fast - in a segmented way.

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