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Agency FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions for Agencies using Justuno.

How can I demo Justuno Plus?

Contact your Justuno Agency Manager. If you don’t know who this is, send an email to partners@justuno.com, and we’ll connect you!

What features are different in Justuno Plus than Justuno Basic plans?

Justuno Plus offers AI-driven features that Justuno Basic plans do not. Justuno Plus also includes access to a dedicated Justuno Plus Strategist to help you develop a marketing roadmap unique to your e-commerce business. For a full breakdown of Justuno Plus vs. Justuno Basic, view the plan comparison table here.

My agency provides managed services on Justuno for our clients, including Justuno strategy. Is Justuno Plus still relevant for my clients?

Yes! We understand that our Agency Partners provide Justuno strategy and services to their clients. Think of Justuno Plus as access to an extra set of helping hands in developing your Justuno client’s strategic roadmap.  We give our Agency Partners the option to remain the expert or bring on extra strategic support.

The Justuno Plus Strategist is optional for our Agency Partners. If you are interested in Justuno Plus features but do not want a Plus Strategist, contact your Justuno Agency Manager for custom pricing. If you don’t know who your Agency Manager is, send an email to partners@justuno.com and we’ll connect you.

How do I get Justuno Plus pricing to quote to my clients?

To view standard Justuno Plus pricing, check out the landing page here. If you think your client(s) would not require a Plus Strategist, contact your Justuno Agency Manager, or send an email to partners@justuno.com for pricing.

How do I upgrade one of my clients to Justuno Plus?

To upgrade a client, contact your Justuno Agency Manager or shoot us a request at partners@justuno.com.

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