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Welcome to Justuno’s Agency & Service Partner Portal

Welcome to the Justuno service and agency partner program! We’re excited to have you join the team and look forward to helping you and your clients succeed. As a member you can start earning rewards today and have unlocked exclusive benefits.

Exclusive Takeaways

  • The opportunity to earn up to 25% for every new customer you refer to Justuno
  • Commission rates determined by tier membership based on referred revenue
  • Access to our dedicated partnerships team and strategy packs to guide you through everything from initial launch through continued performance improvements

Useful Links

It’s easy to generate new leads every week with Justuno’s template library! Justuno partners gain exclusive access to feature their own branded templates in our library – exposure to Justuno users, and instant leads each time your template is used.

Justuno’s template library is perfect to help Justuno users supercharge their on-site campaigns with pre-built promotions for a variety of use cases. Professional designs plus best practices targeting rules already included make these the easy choice to simply pick it, brand it, and go live.

Gain exposure and show off your agency’s expertise by submitting your own designs to the library through the team!

Ask your Justuno rep about getting your template in our library today.

View Templates

Justuno is an onsite conversion marketing automation platform that converts more of your visitors into leads and sales by leveraging first-party data.

Justuno allows merchants to create intelligent visitor profiles that identify, track, and analyze every person that lands on their website. These profiles allow merchants to serve a highly-targeted personalized experience leveraging pop-ups, banners, in-line displays, intelligent product upsells, cross-sells, and product recommendations that lead to higher conversions.

Furthermore, Justuno syncs collected data to supercharge offsite marketing efforts by utilizing our extensive suite of 100+ technology partner integrations!

Our ideal customer is any D2C e-commerce brand including but not limited to beauty & cosmetics, fashion/apparel, food & beverage, CBD, sporting goods, jewelry & accessories, and automotive. We also serve B2B brands, publishing websites, financial services, real estate, and many other businesses. Justuno can be integrated on pretty much any platform and we have direct integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce.

The ideal customer size is a Company that has $5M-$250M in annual revenue or has a website with over 100,000 monthly visitors. Check out some of the clients we work with:

Golf NBC Peter Millar Trek The Vitamin Shoppe

Complete our certification program to learn the ins and outs of conversion rate optimization and gain industry expertise. This opportunity for continued education provides an immersive experience to get you Justuno certified and set up for success!

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Platform Walkthrough/Demo I High Level Use-Cases

Depending on your client’s goal you’ll use Justuno differently to build out their on-site strategy. Our strategy packs breakdown monthly deliverables or quarterly campaign suggestions for granular or high-level account management to build your client’s account out with. These strategies range from general performance improvement and improving off-site ROI to increasing AOV and more.

See Strategy Packs

Justuno Benefits by Goal:
Grow Email List + SMS List
Improve Paid Media Return on Ad Spend
Reduce Browse + Cart Abandonment
Gamification to Increase Email + SMS Leads
Increase Average Order Value

Earn extra revenue as a Justuno agency or service partner: introduce add-ons to existing packages, sell fully managed services, or simply refer clients for a commission. In return, you’ll generate new leads through our service partner directory, gain access to lead generating co-marketing opportunities, and open a new revenue stream for your agency that fits into any service offering.

Whether you’re a development agency, paid media agency, email marketing, or design agency we’ve got you covered however you want to partner with us.

When first starting all agency partner referrals receive a 10% discount when making an intro to our agency team. In lieu of passing this discount on to your client, there is a 10% revenue share option for all partner referred leads. Sign up below to receive a referral link.

Two ways to refer leads to Justuno for discounts and management:

Sign Up on Partnerstack to receive a referral link. You can charge your client the normal price.
• Create a sub-account within Justuno and receive a discount on the plan you choose. You can charge your client the normal price.

1. In your Justuno account, click your Settings wheel
2. Select “Add a sub-account”
3. Fill out the required fields & submit
4. Add your client’s email for billing & support issues, set up master payment,
& set notification settings
5. The sub-account has now been added to your Master Account

As you refer more business, the revenue share amount increases as does the discount for your clients. Refer to the partner program document to see how tiers work along with info on creating these new accounts for your clients to ensure your agency discount is applied.

Refer to Crossbeam for this information. If you are not connected, please work with either Dilyar or Derek from our agency team to get an NDA in place to connect and start strategic account mapping.

We have discounted pricing available to agency partners, and a free account for you! 

Justuno partners receive a free account to use on their own website to improve their own on-site experience and to help them understand the power of Justuno firsthand before recommending it to their clients. 

In addition, we have agency plans and exclusive pricing for partners to offer their clients. Receive discounted plan prices and unrivaled flexibility to build the Justuno experience your clients need to reach their goals.

See Plans Breakdown [PDF]

Get help with everything from getting started to troubleshooting specific features, advanced technical use cases and code, specific integration instructions, and so much more. Our team is here to help you make the most out of the Justuno platform!

Knowledge Base | Submit a Ticket

Reach out to the agency team directly for any support or partner needs:
Dilyar Askar, Director of Agency Partnerships, dilyar@justuno.com
Derek Booth, Director of Tech Partnerships & Biz Dev, derek@justuno.com
Brandon Herrera, Partnership Support, brandon@justuno.com
Zach Bailey, Lead Partner Strategist, zach.bailey@justuno.com

Being a service or agency partner means access to exclusive benefits like a free-forever Justuno account for your agency’s website, support & training from our partnerships team, tiered incentives & flexible benefits for reselling and referrals plus technical perks like one dashboard to manage multiple accounts, simplified billing for efficient sub-account quotes and more. 

You’ll also be listed in our Service Partner Directory featured on our website for customers to find the right fit for their needs.

For those who choose to get Justuno certified through our CRO program, you can use exclusive badges on your agency website and on other marketing materials. 

Find brand assets below to create co-marketing materials to use for reselling or referral campaigns to maximize revenue!

See Brand Assets

Justuno is SOC 2 Type II compliant in the TSCs: Security, Availability, and Processing Integrity as certified by Dansa, D’Arata, Soucia LLP in 2021. As a SaaS platform that constantly handles personal data and often sensitive information, it’s important to Justuno that we uphold and maintain the most stringent standards of security, integrity, and privacy. Learn more about SOC 2 Compliance here .

Find information on data security, cookies, GDPR Compliance and Justuno’s privacy policy here.

A Fun Contest for Agency Partners

From now until December 31st, the Justuno Agency Partnerships team is hosting a mini-contest where you have a

VERY HIGH chance of winning ONE of TWO Prizes that contain:

  • $500 USD Amazon Gift Card
  • Priority Referral Matchmaking
  • Priority Co-Marketing for Q1, 2023

How to Win


Be the first Agency partner to provide a referral that closes by December 31st with our Justuno Plus plan on an annual agreement.



Be the agency to provide the highest total MRR referred & closed by December 31st, 1 PM Central (Texas) Time.

Remember, Justuno is excellent for clients who are looking to…

  • Increase lead capture for Email & SMS
  • Increase Sales Conversions
  • Increase Average Order Value
  • Reduce Cart/Browse Abandonment
  • Lower Cost Per Acquisition
  • and many other CRO metrics they’re looking to take to the moon!

We will be ranking our partners internally and on a bi-weekly cadence, we will be sharing the top 3 on the leaderboard for these two prize packages.

The 2 winning partners will then be announced privately among all of our partners within the second week of January!

  • An agency partner can only win 1 out of the 2 Prize Packages, meaning, they cannot claim both of the prize packages. We will have TWO WINNING partners for the two ways to win.
  • The two agencies and their teams are responsible for determining how to accept the $500 USD Amazon Gift Card (I.E: Split it between 5 colleagues, 2 colleagues or just award 1 who helped them win, etc…). This is to be communicated with your Justuno agency rep by the main POC for Justuno. Please note, in any situation, the most senior leadership of a partner will have the final say.
  • If the winning agency cannot decide how to claim the prize within 1 week after December 31, 2022, Justuno will assign each Sales/CSM/Partnership employee of that agency a random number and pick a winner based on a random number generator.
  • The “Priority Referral Matchmaking” and “Priority Co-Marketing for Q1, 2023” cannot be guaranteed as a prize for Q1, and the conditions for satisfaction will be discussed during a “Winner’s Call” shortly after the winning companies have been announced.
  • There is a small potential for this contest to be extended until the end of February 2023. In the event that this contest is extended to then from December 27th, 2022, all partners will be notified and the rankings will not be reset.
  • Justuno Partnerships team may bring this contest back for every quarter starting Q2 of 2023 if this becomes a great success with a ton of great feedback.
  • The odds of winning are unclear and this is to be treated as a fun contest with the winning conditions clearly defined above.
  • We can confidently say, your company/team’s chances of winning are very likely due to Justuno having just a handful of active partners who make referrals on a usual November/December of any given year.
  • Justuno is willing to provide your referral(s) a 25% discount if you’re not already a Platinum/Gold Justuno Agency partner.

Need help or further guidance?
Check our support section for additional information.

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