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10 Effective Pop-Up Designs from Successful E-Commerce Brands

So many successful e-commerce businesses have turned to pop-up promotions to convert shoppers into new leads and sales for one simple reason: It works. There are some elements of promotions that can yield better results that will help your company grow.

Today, we’ll be looking at pop-up designs and why this is pivotal in successful promotions. Below are 10 spectacular examples of well-designed promotions. While these examples alone should show you why design is important, here are three reasons:

Why Promotional Design is Important

  • You’ve spent a lot of time and potentially a lot of money on designing your website and brand. Don’t ruin it with an ugly pop-up promotion! A generic promotion cheapens your site and can damage your website experience.
  • Branded promotions receive higher visitor engagement and get better results. If building your list and closing sales are important to you, then engage shoppers with an overlay that they will want to engage with.
  • It’s not just how the promotion looks. It’s also the copy, the type of offer, and when/where you present the offer. There are some great examples of different types of promotions to use on your site.

Now, let’s take a look at 10 pop-up promotion design examples from these successful e-commerce brands!


SoleRebels is an amazing footwear company out of Ethiopia that specializes in making quality shoes while also making a great change in today’s world. Founded in 2004 by Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, soleRebels produces stylish footwear from sustainable material while creating well-paid and sustainable jobs in Ethiopa. As the first and only WFTO fair trade footwear company, soleRebels is true to their mission and continues to inspire individuals all around the globe, one step at a time.

They use this gorgeous promotion shown below to display their cool styles and offer 15% savings to shoppers!


For those looking for a stylish way to carry your phone and essentials without the bulk and inconvenience of a handbag, look no further. The Bandolier transforms your phone into a piece of wearable technology allowing you to navigate throughout the day with ease. Each Bandolier comes with space for credit cards and cash so it’s all you need!

Bandolier engages their shoppers with this attractive pop-up featuring an enticing 10% discount. The call to action copy is short and clear which allows the visitor to understand the messaging almost instantly. Another interesting aspect of this promotion is the two field form. Since Bandolier’s products are based on cell phone model, they are able to collect relevant info from subscribers. This enables Bandolier to send relevant emails to shoppers to drive sales at a later date.

Drop Bottle

Drop Bottle provides functional and fashionable water bottles made of the highest quality material. The refreshing thing about Drop Bottle’s are that you can infuse your water with fruits, vegetables, or whatever your taste buds desire. They have also partnered with several charities and a percentage of your purchase goes to providing clean water to communities in need.

Using this pop-up below, Drop Bottle is able to showcase their spectacular product while also providing an incentive for visitors to subscribe to their mailing list. Providing a piece of content is a great way to engage new visitors and snag an email for future marketing opportunities.

Get your free recipe book from Drop Bottle here! 

Renovator Store

Renovator Store is Australia’s growing online store for renovators. With literally everything you need for any home renovation project, they are truly a one-stop shop. Renovator Store prides themselves on providing fantastic prices paired with award winning customer service.

Renovator Store knows their customers very well. They know that their best customers are the ones who come back again and again to purchase products. Which is why they reward their loyal customers with membership benefits. They use this branded pop-up shown below to notify visitors of the benefits of becoming a member. The value is clearly displayed and the call to action is very clear.

Head on over to the Renovator Store receive tremendous savings!


For over 30 years, Horseland has been Australia’s top equestrian retailer and for good reason. Horseland provides much more than just an extensive inventory of great products. They are experts and pride themselves on providing advice, tips, and experiences to help each shopper have the best possible experience. With 54 retail stores across Australia and an online store, they continue to gallop along helping new and experienced riders along the way.

Horseland’s contest promotion is actually quite genius. Every purchase enters that customer into a contest for a chance to win some amazing prizes. This provides a greater incentive for shoppers to purchase and there are multiple winners. To notify shoppers of their current promotion, Horseland uses this attractive overlay pop-up design which displays the details of the contest in a clear and effective manner.

Sol Angeles

Based out of LA, Sol Angeles truly represents the California lifestyle with their classic styles. They offer high quality garments for both men and women designed for comfort, functionality, and that classic California style. They also boast a collection for kids that every parent has to check out. Seriously, can they make those designs in adult sizes?

Like their website, Sol Angeles keeps it simple with their promotion. They offer 10% off to visitors who submit their email with this clean pop-up design. They are able to bring the visitor’s full attention their promotion by darkening the overlay background. This makes it effortless for shoppers to submit their email and receive their discount.


For those looking for a high quality protein source that is convenient and versatile, you’ve got to check out MuscleEgg. They offer multiple flavors of liquid egg whites that you can drink like you would a normal protein drink or incorporate in your cooking. MuscleEgg’s pasteurizing process for the liquid egg whites removes harmful bacteria such as salmonella and listeria, but the egg whites remain liquid, ready for cooking or immediate consumption.

Here’s another fantastic example of providing additional value to the shopping experience with educational content. MuscleEgg offers its visitors access to recipes that they can use with their products. This promotion has proved to be very successful in converting MuscleEgg’s visitors into email subscribers. They aren’t just selling a source of protein, they are selling a website experience that will keep customers coming back long into the future.

Get yolked with MuscleEgg by checking out their products here.


Flow specializes in providing snowboards that give the power back to the rider. They offer lines or snowboards, bindings, and boots to fit any need and provide the most innovative technologies in all three categories. Because no rider is the same, Flow provides something that will meet your needs. The combination of all three technologies forms what they like to call “Flow Fusion.”  Whether you enjoy back country terrain or the groomers, Flow has your back.

Flow engages shoppers with this spectacular pop-up design that truly embodies their products and the lifestyle associated with it. Because their business is seasonal, it is imperative that they acquire as many interested leads as possible in order to drive them back to the site at a more appropriate time to buy. Think new product updates, clearance sales, and educational content on selecting the right board.



Mustela offers the best in skincare for babies and mothers. Their skincare products are engineered to cater to the ever changing delicate skin of babies while also providing products for mothers to be and new mothers. They use natural ingredients ensuring safety for you and your children. Mustela also has great educational resources on their products and how to care for skin through the different stages of pregnancy and child birth.

Mustela offers it’s website visitors a 10% discount with this pop-up overlay below. It’s simple, clearly displays the benefit to the shopper, and represents their brand in a way that parents, specifically mothers, can relate to. This promotion is an excellent example for any business that wants to build their email list while also driving sales. Experience the Mustela Difference today!

The Poster List

The Poster List has an extensive selection of men’s and women’s graphic t-shirts along with a ton of cool posters. This is the perfect place to find some fun t-shirts for your wardrobe and colorful prints to decorate your dwelling. I could try to describe how awesome their designs are but you’ve just got to check them out for yourselves!

The Poster List uses this colorful promotion to snag email sign-ups and also alert visitors of their current clearance sale. This is an excellent use of overlays because shoppers are almost always interested in checking out the clearance section. By notifying them of these deals early on, The Poster List is able to clear out more sale items.

Add some fun to your wardrobe and home at the Poster List!

How to Design Promotions Like These

Promotions have always been a valuable tool in retail and are an integral part of the e-commerce marketing strategy. You are running promotions on your site. Now it’s time to get better results from your promotions. You don’t need a bunch of time or resources to create overlay promotions like these examples above. Here are a few things you can do to help you design awesome promotions!

Pick a Theme

With access to completely editable themes, you can choose a look and feel that you like and make it your own to match your site’s design. The library consists of themes that are great to use year round along with custom themes for certain seasons. We’ve just added a bunch of new Fall and Halloween Themes for you to use this upcoming October!

design canvas screen shot

Watch This Step by Step Design Tutorial

Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about designing a promotion within Justuno. This is a great way to understand how to utilize the design canvas to maximize your promotions and their conversion rates.

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