3 Examples of Brilliant Retail Marketing

Marketing has never been just about selling. It’s about telling a story, conjuring a feeling, inspiring an audience. It’s about doing whatever you can to make that ever-so-valuable connection with an entire community. People aren’t just buying a product – they’re buying your brand. When you have a strong brand that connects with them, then go buy yourself a double-dip ice cream cone with extra sprinkles, because winners like you deserve the best.

But if this isn’t the way you’re selling your brand, then we need to do some work. Before we shame you for your poor choice in marketing (kidding!), we’ll walk you through some companies who are doing it right. Take some notes and uncover how these three company brands are true examples of brilliant product marketing.

Know your audience – BKR  


B-K-R? Beaker? I’m not sure how to pronounce the company name, but if you’re a woman who falls in the 20-30-year-old age range, you’ve seen these high-class, luxury water bottles. They’re chic, made of glass and complete with an outer matte finish in several colors.

Sure, a glass water bottle may seem odd and slightly impractical, but let’s review what BKR is doing right here.

They have their audience nailed down.

On their homepage, they have what looks to be fashion models in various poses, caressing their BKR water bottle. Or heck, maybe not even holding a water bottle at all. What’s it matter? They have cool, pretty girls in stylish clothes hanging out in hip places – the product doesn’t even matter. They’re saying, “Oh, hi. Didn’t see you there,” in a way that kind of makes you love them and want to be them. “Beauty will save the world,” friends. So, sure, buy a water bottle.


I joke, but this company knows what they’re doing. They’ve targeted a specific audience and have taken risks to connect with them. Even the names of their bottle colors are clever and draw in the fashion-crazed. Instead of fuchsia, it’s “lola”. Is that bottle white? Absolutely not, it’s obviously “boo.” Swap peach for “bellini,” teal for “dive,” and you make it that much more enjoyable to shop.

What you can learn from BKR:   

1. Don’t be afraid to take risks and commit to your ideal customer. If you’re everything to everyone, you’ll be nothing to no one.

2. Test color names and try something more creative.

3. Take your customers on a journey. Provide different scenarios that include your product to help customers picture owning it.

Be thorough. BKR makes even their individual product descriptions clever and on brand.

Use relevant content to draw awareness – Beardbrand


Beardbrand, a creator of high-quality grooming products, began in 2012 as the lifestyle blog of beardsman Eric Bandholz. Tired of beards being left to kitschy, cheap products and feeling that low-quality items led people to consider beards a short-lived fad, Bandholz recognized a growing need for better grooming products and transitioned to an official retailer in 2013.

I’ve always had a marketing crush on Beardbrand. Their founders are clever, interesting and most of all – genuine. There’s something to be said about people who believe in the products they sell and make you feel like you’re welcome. I don’t even have a beard and I feel like I can join the community!

Banners_and_Alerts_and_Beardbrand_-_YouTube.jpgWith nearly 47,000 YouTube subscribers, grooming products aren’t the only quality thing pumping out of this company. Eric produces several videos that help customers use their products, grow their beards and other cool and relevant things. He’s approachable, funny and passionate about his community.

What you can learn from Beardbrand: 

1. Remember why you started your business and rely on that passion to drive your marketing content.

2. Find out what’s relevant to your target audience and create content around that. It’s a great way to draw them in and keep them coming back.

3. Have fun with it! Let loose and don’t be afraid to approach marketing as you would a friendly conversation.

Go beyond expectations – Method


Cleaning is a dirty job, but Method has to do it. Why? Because they’re fun, eco-friendly, and make your house smell and look pretty. Started in 2001 and stocked at Targets starting in 2002, Method set out to create cleaning products that are human and environmentally friendly, and clean well. Method has always done a great job of thinking about the aesthetics of their products, but that’s extended into their marketing campaigns as well.

methodsoaps.jpgMethod accomplishes something you didn’t even know you wanted – cute, trendy, cleaning products. Instead of hiding your cleaning bottles in the closet or under the sink, Method designed bottled you want to have on display. Let’s take a look at their hand soap dispensers. They don’t just dispense soap, they accentuate your kitchen and bathroom style. Method also offers special edition designs, partnerships with designers, such as Orla Kiely, to make their brand relevant and trendy.

Screen_Shot_2015-04-17_at_12.13.41_PM.pngLast but not least, Method inserts you, the consumer, into their story. It’s not a literal ‘your life here’, but with their ‘Charles + Francine’ video, they show you their products in a life cycle of a couple that could be you and your significant other and your baby. Method showcases their family of products in such a way, you connect with the mess a baby or a dinner party creates.

What you can learn from Method:

1. It’s not just the product, it’s the whole package.

2. Building seasonal or holiday collections can provide you with a new opportunity to market your products and increase sales.

3. Tell a story with your products, rather than just explain the benefits.

This article was orginally posted on the Stitch Labs blog.

Written By Breena Fain

Breena Fain is the content and communications manager at Stitch. Bouncing between creative storytelling and visual communication, Breena helps the marketing team develop engaging content that helps retailers understand the value of inventory management. In her spare time she enjoys reading about organizational psychology, creative writing and enjoying all the wine California has to offer. Find Breena on Twitter and LinkedIn

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