4 Commonly Overlooked Opportunities to Maximize Holiday Traffic Conversion


During Q4, marketing budgets increase substantially in large part to drive more traffic. This is why it’s more important than ever to focus further effort and resources to converting daily website traffic into marketing leads and sales.

Here are four easy-to-follow campaign strategies to compliment your offsite marketing initiatives this 2016 holiday season.

Before we jump into it, here are three key questions to ask yourself:

  • Benchmarks – How many emails are you capturing from daily traffic?
  • Adwords – How are you engaging with this segment with the highest bounce rate?
  • Holiday Marketing Emails -Are you reinforcing your email message onsite?

Set Traffic Conversion and Email Capture Goals

Believe it or not, it’s very common for digital marketers to be unaware of how many emails are being collected on a daily or monthly basis. Email marketing remains one of the most effective (and cost-effective) channels to reach audiences and the opportunity to capture up to 1000% more email addresses simply through website pop-ups needs to take priority.

Set a benchmark for email collection: If you don’t know what your daily or monthly rates are, I can tell you that a highly optimized website can collect upwards of 3-5% of daily traffic. Think about that for a minute. Look at your current monthly traffic and compare the numbers to what you are currently collecting.

New vs. Return Visitors: Study your current ratio between these two categories and you’ll be amazed to find that new visitors account for well over 50% of your daily visitors. This segment is rich for email lead capture. You can add rules to target each of these segments with one click.

Sync new email leads with your CRM or ESP: Acquiring new leads is great but there needs to be some follow-up. Automatically sync your new contacts with specific mailing lists so you can send follow up emails and market to these contacts over a period of time. Most consumers need 2,3,4, or even 5 touches before they actually purchase. Here’s how to sync new email leads with your CRM or ESP.

Target Paid Traffic

This segment has a very high bounce rate, however, has shown interest in your brand since they have clicked a paid advertisement. If you convert these visitors into leads, they show high engagement with up to 30% open rates and 5% click rates on emails.

Get their email: By collecting an email address, this visitor is no longer anonymous and you can retarget for free using your ESP. This reduces your retargeting ad spend and opens up a direct marketing channel that has an extremely high ROI in a marketing email.

Engage paid traffic with a specific promotion: This user has a low sales conversion rate, so our goal here is simply to create an opportunity to re-engage later. A giveaway or price drop alert email sign up are two great options. Here’s how to target paid traffic with a specific promotion.

Match Email Design with On-site Messaging

Your team is designing beautiful, well-crafted emails to blast out to your email list. 20-30% of recipients will open your email and roughly 2-3% will click-throughs land on your website…what next?

I encourage you to carry that promotional experience over to their onsite session.

Remind the visitor about the promotion with a matching design and message of your promotion.

Present the same offer in emails and on-site: If a coupon is used in your email, present the same code to the visitor. Users often will open an email on a mobile device, quickly read then come back to your site directly once back at a computer. Or, a user will read an email, click through and forget or have not seen the full email content.

Encourage a purchase throughout the session: Remember, that getting the visitor to the site is only the first half of your job. Helping that shopper through the entire process with a continuous experience will result in the highest conversion rates and ROI.

A common tactic is a cart abandonment pop-up promotion. This presents an enticing offer at the moment of cart abandonment to prevent visitors from leaving and encourage a purchase. Here’s a quick video on how to set up an exit pop-up on your cart page.

Mobile Traffic: The Untapped Gold Mine

It varies but mobile traffic can account for half of your total traffic! Most purchasing decisions are made across different devices so even though sales conversion rates are still substantially lower on mobile than on desktop, these visitors are interested in purchasing from you.

Where there is traffic, there are conversion opportunities.

Design for Mobile: Marketing to mobile traffic is a completely different ball game. The playing field is a smaller size and the rules are different. This is why I’m not the biggest fan of mobile responsive tools.

When developing our platform, we chose to separate desktop and mobile to allow marketers to engage traffic in ways that are effective for the device’s size.

When it comes to your pop-ups and promotions, go for short, bold copy, a large call-to-action, and also a large close button.

Here’s how to set up a mobile promotion 

Get an email from mobile visitors: I’m a broken record, I know. But seriously, if you can snag an email from a mobile visitor, you’re going to give yourself a much higher chance of converting them into a sale.

For this, I recommend using a mobile email pop up with a promotional offer of free shipping or a discount. You can then send a follow-up email with the promo code to encourage purchase on another device at a later time.

For engaging with exiting mobile traffic, you can even set up a mobile exit pop-up!

How to Capitalize on these Opportunities

These are four very accessible opportunities for your business and what’s great is it take very little time to implement solutions to capitalize on them. I’ve provided directions on how to set up these marketing tactics on our conversion rate optimization platform, Justuno, in each section above.

Not a Justuno user yet? Get started today to convert more leads and sales this holiday season!

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