5 Last Minute Holiday Marketing Campaigns to Drive Late Season Sales

You’ve all heard how record-breaking this year’s BFCM was. CNN Money reports “American shoppers spent a record $5 billion in 24 hours. That marks a 16.9% increase in dollars spent online compared with Black Friday 2016.”

And Shopify reporting that its merchants processed over $1B in sales from Black Friday through Cyber Monday!

Hopefully, you scored a chunk of that overall sales number – it’s incredible to see how much the online retail activity is increasing.

Though the numbers look great, the historical conundrum for retailers investing heavily into BFCM has been how to take that deal-hunting customer and turn them into a repeat-purchaser. Can it be done? Is it just a “one-time win” for you?

Good business owners and marketers know: leads need nurturing.

Even if you DID acquire them on the biggest sale day of the year, they still hold value and can be nurtured into a healthy customer. There are more opportunities you can take advantage of to nurture your Black Friday / Cyber Monday customers into an additional purchase. Let’s have a look at a few ideas:

Go All In On Green Monday

Green Monday happens the second Monday of December – it’s the day that marks about 10 days left until Christmas! Just enough time for you to make a purchase and still have it delivered in time for Christmas Day. The other notable thing about Green Monday: It’s the biggest online sales day in December!

Originally coined by eBay, Green Monday has become a big day for retailers to offer their best deals so customers can be sure they’ll still receive their purchase before Christmas.

This year, Green Monday falls on December 11, 2017.

Green Monday is the Cyber Monday of December so treat it that way. This is one of the last major shopping holidays of the season to capitalize on consumer demand. Also consider that orders that are placed earlier in the month of December will most likely be easier to fulfill, making for a less stressful couple of weeks.

When it comes to Green Monday promotions, the simpler the better. The quicker the shopper is able to understand your promotional offering, the more likely they will be to take that offer. Here are a few quick and simple Green Monday promotion ideas that you can use:

    • Percent Off Discount (Cart Total)
    • Percent Off Discount (One Item)
    • Dollar Amount Discount
    • Free Shipping

Here’s a great dollar amount discount from Backstage!


These types of promotions aren’t anything flashy but the value is easy to understand, which is going to appeal to the vast majority of shoppers. Simple is effective in promotions like these.

Create Urgency on Stamp and Ship Day

Stamp and Ship Day is generally viewed as the last day to order items with standard shipping that will arrive in time for Christmas. With so many shoppers looking to wrap up their holiday shopping, this is an opportunity to use a sales driving tactic: URGENCY!

This year, Stamp and Ship Day falls on December 14, 2017.

So how can you create urgency on your e-commerce store? Effectively notify your shoppers on current promotional offers and attach a time frame to receive those deals.

Our Recommendation: Add a website notification bar to showcase the offer globally throughout your site and include a countdown timer to create urgency!


Place the bar on the top or bottom of your site so every shopper is aware of your current offers! This template is now available in your Justuno account!

If you have additional shipping options for the holidays, let your shoppers know! If you aren’t helping them answer the question “Will I receive this in time?” Then you’re missing out on sales. They’ll go find a retailer who clearly notifies their shoppers of shipping information. Here’s a great example from Justuno user Shwood Shop on how to do this.

shipping pop up

Convert BIG Sales on Free Shipping Day

Similarly, Free Shipping Day falls in that “just in time” slot just prior to Christmas. Retailers take advantage of this holiday to offer Free Shipping to customers. Shoppers are always looking for free shipping and during the holidays, the demand is much, much higher for this perk. Give the people what they want and find a way to offer free shipping.

This year, Free Shipping Day falls on Friday, December 15, 2017.


Don’t think you can offer free shipping due to cost and profit margins? Think again! Using a free shipping threshold offer, you can incentivize shoppers to purchase more in order to receive free shipping. This tactic allows you, the retailer, to set the threshold at which shoppers get free shipping, providing control over cost and margins.

How to Set Up A Free Shipping Threshold Offer with Justuno

Earlier this year, we analyzed all promotions across all Justuno users. Hands down, the top-performing offer was Free Shipping.

If you don’t have one set up, these sales days in December – Green Monday, Stamp and Ship or Free Shipping Day – are ideal!

For example, if my average cart size is $50, then I would offer free shipping on orders of $75 or more. This increases cart sizes and makes free shipping more accessible for your business.

Let’s check out how to set up a Free Shipping threshold if you’re a Shopify or Shopify Plus user:

Alternatively, if you simply want to waive shipping fees completely, make sure and reinforce that messaging on-site in a banner so users are aware this is an active offer.

You may say it in an email or an ad, and that’s why it’s imperative you reflect that message on-site! Subtly remind your user of what deal they have available.

Here’s how to mirror your messaging on-site:

Don’t Forget About Gift Card Day

Gift cards are the perfect last minute gift idea and surprisingly, a lot of retailers either don’t offer them or don’t advertise them. Gift Card Day is the perfect time to cater to procrastinators who are looking to finish up shopping quickly and easily.

This year, Gift Card Day falls on December 23, 2017.

Create a promotional popup or banner that lets your shoppers know that gift cards are available along with a link to where they can purchase them. It’s as simple as that! Here’s a fun example from Beloved Shirts.


The Day After Xmas: Boxing Day / Coupon Code Day

The day after Christmas, you may experience an influx of customer service requests: people returning gifts, exchanging, etc.

Your hands will be full trying to maintain a seamless shopping experience! Prioritize this.

However, you can absolutely take advantage of this heightened traffic to incentivize users to purchase on this day.

You can create an offer to push clearance items and specials to appeal to shoppers who are still in the gift buying mode.

An effective idea could be to create a volume or bundled offer. If your products lend themselves to this type of structure you can get rid of some excess product and increase your average order value (AOV).

One Justuno user, Leaner Creamer, knocked it out of the park with their volume offer (seen below). Not only did they get rid of excess inventory, they increased margins by shipping 4 bottles instead of 3 (the cost was less), and increased their customer cart value!


Again, you can also create a bundled offer and incentivize users to add other products to their cart. Justuno can recognize what item or value has been added to cart to trigger this pop-up.

Here’s an example from Shopify Plus and Justuno user The GLD Shop:

Bonus: Showcase Your Digital Products

If you offer any sort of digital products like software, e-books, online courses, subscriptions, etc., then showcase these products in the days approaching Christmas. These will automatically have more appeal in the days where shipping options for Christmas are no longer available. This simple reminder could help you close some extra holiday sales and make for an even more successful Q4!

Here’s a great example promotion from YogaDownload!


Nurture Your BFCM Leads into Repeat Customers

It’s true: many of your BFCM customers were just there for the deal. But you have the power to nudge them closer to a repeat purchase with smart marketing. With plenty of sales opportunity in December, now is the time to implement these holiday promotional campaigns. 

If you have any questions about setting up any of the offers presented here, contact your account rep or leave a comment below.

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