6 Ways Online Fashion Retailers Rapidly Acquire New Customers

Online fashion retailers face a ton of competition and new stores are popping up daily. To stay relevant, brands have to find new ways to provide value to their shoppers aside from their products. The top fashion retailers now focus on creating a great shopping experience. This can be done in a variety of ways, but today, we’ll take a look at on-site promotions. Here are six different ways that fashion retailers use on-site promotions to convert visitors into customers.

Multi-Field Promotions


A personalized shopping experience starts with collecting a little bit of data on your shoppers. Fashion retailers engage shoppers with multi-field promotions to collect key shopper information. This allows them to tailor their marketing message to each individual. It’s common to see retailers ask for a name, location, or sizing info in addition to an email. Once this data is collected, retailers can hit individuals with emails that feature relevant information. For example, if I asked for your email and shoe size, I now can send you emails featuring size 10 shoes that are currently in stock.

Cents of Style uses a two field promotion to collect each individual’s name and email so they can provide a personal touch with their marketing. The on-site promotion also rewards shoppers who fill out the form with a free pair of earrings with purchase. Since implementation, Cents of Style collects an average of 120 form submissions per day.

Exit Offers from Cart Page


Abandoned carts are an unfortunate reality for all online retailers. Factors like sizing, shipping, return policies, and casual window shopping have contributed to a cart abandonment rate of 74% in fashion e-commerce. In order to convert more of these shopping carts into sales, brands use exit offers that are only presented when visitors attempt to leave the cart page.

By engaging shoppers with a valuable offer at a pivotal moment in the purchasing decision, retailers are driving more sales. Exit offers from the cart page are a valuable tool for cart abandonment recovery and prevention.

UV Skinz, a protective sunwear brand, offers visitors a 10% discount when they attempt to leave from the cart page. Since implementing the promotion, UV Skinz has distributed promo codes to 15% of cart abandoners while also collecting 1,300 emails over a four-month span.

Ungated Exit Offers


While exit offers that require an opt-in are successful in both email collection and sales conversion, they can put up barriers. This is why you see more and more fashion brands using ungated exit offers. These offers present a promo code to shoppers who attempt to leave the site. By giving visitors a discount on-site, retailers are able to directly drive sales and can prevent shoppers from leaving to find a better deal elsewhere.

Love On a Hanger uses ungated offers to distribute 20% discount codes to leaving shoppers. This tactic keeps shoppers on site and provides an incentive to complete a purchase.

Specific Offers for Different Traffic Sources 


A simple way to personalize your in-store experience is to present specific offers to different segments of traffic. Fashion brands use on-site promotions to maximize the results of paid traffic campaigns. Specific offers are presented to visitors who arrive through PPC ads. This leads to a higher website conversion rate of these visitors and a greater ROI from paid traffic campaigns as well.

Men’s fashion retailer, Beau Ties, uses the promotion above to convert their paid Facebook traffic. Instead of going directly for the sale with a discount promotion, Beau Ties simply asks for visitors to subscribe to their newsletter. This is a small commitment for the visitor and Beau Ties then uses their email campaigns to drive sales.



People aren’t always ready to purchase but there are still ways to get them to convert. Sweepstakes promotions are an incredible way for fashion retailers to rapidly build their email list while also providing value to shoppers who may not be ready to purchase. Brands are now hosting sweepstakes where visitors can enter to win a big ticket item by submitting an email address. These on-site promotions tend to have high conversion rates because people enjoy the chance to win free stuff!

The Fifth is an online retailer of watches that only sells products from the 5th to the 9th of every month. Because of the strategy, they rely heavily on email marketing and need to collect as many new email leads as possible. The Fifth uses a sweepstakes promotion to convert traffic an average of 500 new email subscribers every day!

Clearance Sales


Clearance sales are a must for any online fashion retailer because inventory space is so valuable. With different apparel for each season, these clearance sales need to happen frequently. Retailers use on-site promotions to effectively notify shoppers of current and upcoming sales. These promotions add value to the shoppers because it’s an easy way to save some money.

Rock.com uses a spectacular promotion to notify shoppers of their deals section. The promotion directly resulted in increasing email signups by 400% and helped clear 65% of all clearance items. Clearance promotions are a simple way to get the most out of dead inventory.

You can run promotions like this too!

Promotions are a necessary ingredient for e-commerce success and hopefully, these examples listed above provide some new ways to help your business grow.

If you’re interested in using on-site promotions to improve your in-store experience, check out what Justuno has to offer! Get started today with a 14-day trial!

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