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7 Pop-Up Designs that Boost Holiday Spirit and Engagement

Effective on-site marketing is all about driving visitor engagement which in turn, can lead to conversions. Pop-up promotions are an excellent way to engage your website visitors and drive them to take specific actions. But it’s not enough to just have a pop-up on your site.

With so many businesses using the same generic pop-ups, set yourself apart with something eye-grabbing and spectacular. Here are seven festive holiday pop up designs that boost engagement, conversions, and the holiday spirit! Use these as inspiration for your next pop-up promotion.

Bacon Freak

Whether you’re a fan of bacon or not, you can certainly appreciate this clever email pop up promotion from Bacon Freak, your one-stop shop for everything bacon. This promotion design boasts clever copy and a heaping load of bacon that inspires any bacon lover to take action and get a sweet (or savory) discount.

Design Takeaway

  • Clever Copy: Bacon Freak has some fun with holiday puns which shows personality. This is an overlay pop-up that adds to the visitor experience and drives shoppers to take action. Website visitors are used to being marketed to in the same way so switch it up and have some fun.


Privacy Pop

I’m a big fan of candy canes and my dentist thanks me for it. I also enjoy 20% off a holiday purchase. Privacy Pop fulfills both my holiday desires with this spectacular pop-up design. The promotion immediately gets the message across and does not take away from their website look and feel.

Design Takeaway

  • Typography: Instead of using an image to grab attention, Privacy Pop uses typography to draw the focus to the offer. This eliminates distraction and creates a direct path toward submitting an email to receive a discount.


Applecrumby and Fish

On-site promotions are supposed to catch the eye of your website visitors and here’s a great example of that. Applecrumby and Fish present their holiday shoppers with this large pop-up promotion featuring an incredibly festive baby. This overlay pop up also features some fun typography and a unique call to action to switch things up.

Design Takeaway

  • Photography: Great images are certain to draw attention. This holiday-themed photo pops with color and is sure to bring positive reactions from website visitors. Using nice photography can be a game changer with your email pop-up designs.



One of my favorite e-commerce blogs to read is the Ometria blog. They constantly produce actionable content backed by useful data. They also understand the importance of design when it comes to on-site marketing. This simple pop up engages readers with a valuable holiday themed ebook (Go grab it, it’s awesome!).

Design Takeaway

  • Unique CTA: Rather than use a call to action button that we see everywhere (Submit, Download, Subscribe), Ometria switches it up. The CTA “Get a Copy” clearly states what action take. Experiment with using different CTA copy because it can make a significant impact.


Blue Notes

This pop up from Blue Notes is spectacular and is catered directly at holiday shoppers. This on-site promotion is presented early on in the website visit and provides the perfect place for shoppers to start shopping for the ones on their list. They also include information about gift cards which caters to busy people and last minute shoppers. Did you know that gift cards are the most requested gift during the holidays?

Design Takeaway

  • Useful Navigation: So far, we’ve seen pop-ups used to build email lists and distribute promo codes. However, you can do even more with on-site promotions. Blue Notes provides useful navigation to gift sections for both men and women making it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for. Give this a try if you’re looking to drive visitors to specific landing pages.


Packed Party

This fun email pop up from Packed Party is an excellent example of how you want to engage your visitors. I can’t say I’ve seen another pop-up promotion quite like this one. The hand-drawn appeal really grabs my attention.

Design Takeaway

  • Use an Image: This pop-up design was simply created by uploading a background image in the design canvas. The creation of this great pop up only took a few minutes!



Upmerch already has decked their website halls with a ton of holiday flavor. The addition of this winter sale pop up promotion allows shoppers to save some money on their purchase and matches the website theme. The pop-up design is simple and gets the point across.

Design Takeaway

  • Design Themes: This particular promotion was created in just a few minutes by using a customizable theme. UpMerch was able to select a design they liked, made some minor changes and BOOM, it’s now up on their website.


Brick Warriors

Brick Warriors had some serious fun with their exit offer pop-up this year. The design features an oddly festive lego man with some gifts. The offer is presented to shoppers who attempt to leave the site from the cart page. This prevents shoppers from leaving the site while also providing an incentive to stay with a discount of 10%.

Design Takeaway


Your website experience is important, so market to your visitors how you want to. Creating an attractive and effective pop-up design is easy with Justuno’s design canvas.

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