Bizzy + Justuno: A step-by-step guide to the perfect e-commerce conversion funnel

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You’ve already discovered that lead capture tools will drive your business’s growth. Now, perfectly timed emails are the other piece of the growth puzzle for your e-commerce business.

Here is why. In order to run an effective email marketing program for your e-commerce store, you need to have a robust lead capture strategy. But, the reverse is just as true. In order for your lead capture strategy to be effective at driving sales for your business, you need powerful email marketing follow-up messages, which are automatically tailored to the specific Justuno lead capture tool to which the customer was attracted. That is why Bizzy and Justuno are better together.

Lead capture is the critical first step — but you always need to follow up!

Capturing customer email addresses is the lifeblood of any good email marketing program. After all, it is those customers that you email in order to drive sales! With Justuno, there are boatloads of options for capturing leads on your website. Once Justuno grabs customer information, you can automatically send those leads to Bizzy, where we focus on converting those customers and building a long term relationship with perfectly designed follow-up emails.

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Incentivize customers to share their email addresses with you

Potential customers can be protective of their email addresses, so you need to make the exchange worth their while. Offer your customers special privileges for sharing their email addresses with you. People love signing up for contests, gaining exclusive access to white papers, earning freebies, and getting discounts. SkinnyMe Tea implemented a 5% discount promotion through Justuno in which visitors could enter their email address and instantly receive a coupon code on-site. With this strategy, SkinnyMe Tea increased email opt-ins by 758%!

Bizzy augments the power of your Justuno offer

Customers almost never convert into a sale upon their first visit. Just like a well-timed exit intent offer with Justuno, you need a well-timed series of follow-up emails to seal the deal. That is where Bizzy comes in! Even with a freebie or discount in hand, customers can get distracted from the checkout process or have trouble deciding which item to purchase. Thus, it is imperative that you follow-up to their sign-up with an email reminding customers of the special access you have waiting for them. Remind them of the value that you have to offer them and why they should purchase from you.

dashboard sceenshotWith seamless integration with Justuno, Bizzy will appropriately follow-up with a beautiful email reminding customers to keep your new, budding relationship top of mind — automatically! Using Bizzy, Bellies to Babies made 50x their marketing investment in only 60 days!

Capitalize on your treasure trove of email addresses

Remember, these customers want to hear from you! They gave you their email addresses because they are excited about your shop and your products. So, don’t be afraid to follow up. When was the last time you only saw a single commercial for a product? In advertising, customers need to see an ad 12 times before it makes an impression. The same principle is true with email marketing — except the conversion rates are significantly better with email. People are busy and they need to be reminded of your great product and great business. Even if customers don’t make the first purchase immediately, they will still come back if you keep your business top of mind.

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Guess what?! Bizzy will optimize that follow-up for you, and automatically follow-up on each customer’s own schedule until they make their first purchase. That perfect timing is the beginning of Bizzy’s magic, wherein we make sure that you are persistent and effective, but not annoying. We algorithmically ensure that you contact each of your customers at the time and cadence that makes sense for each individual – that is how using Bizzy increased Hello Courage’s monthly sales by 25%!

The first purchase is only the beginning of your relationship with your customers.

In most healthy businesses, 80% of revenue comes from returning or repeat customers. Bizzy will identify each customer’s unique purchase schedule and help you continue to foster an ongoing relationship with your customers. Bizzy’s well-timed emails will automatically drive your customers through each step of the conversion funnel, taking them from their first purchase to their second, to their third!

At Bizzy, we know that it is not humanly possible for you to keep track of each customer’s unique patterns. So, our algorithms do all of the legwork to keep your emails personalized and relevant to each one of your customers, thereby building your perfect conversion funnel!

To maximize your sales, try sending customers gathered by Justuno into a perfect e-commerce email conversion funnel. Head over to Bizzy and get set up in only 15 minutes! Our support team will walk you through any questions and make sure that your program meets your unique needs.

Get Bizzy!

This is a guest post written by Chiara McPhee of Justuno has recently partnered and integrated with Bizzy to enable seamless flow between effective email capture and powerful email marketing. for more instructions on how to integrate Bizzy with your Justuno promotions, please read the support documentation here

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