December 2018 Product Updates

Cha-cha-cha-changes have been happening to your Justuno conversion suite! We’re happy to announce our most recent product updates:

Bulk and auto-fetched unique coupon codes

Unique coupon codes promote an air of exclusivity around a discount and can protect your profit margins by limiting a sale’s reach. Now, we’ve made utilizing these single-use coupons easy with two options: bulk code uploads and auto-fetched codes.

Bulk uploads give you the freedom to create your own codes and the control to limit the sale by copying/pasting or uploading a CSV of a set amount of codes.

Auto-Fetched codes are created automatically and recorded in your cart platform.

Facebook Messenger integrations

Facebook Messenger is a powerful way to communicate with your audience instantly without the worry of having your messaging blocked or lost in a sea of emails.

Now, you can use Justuno to help collect subscribers for your Facebook Messenger bot platform.

We currently integrate with Headliner Labs, Octane AI, and ShopMessage and also offer the option of coding a custom integration, as well!

For users, there are two ways to opt-in — with a check-box or a button. Both features are now listed in the plugins drop down, start working on how you can integrate Facebook Messenger into your marketing strategy, today!

Push Notifications - BETA

Send personalized push notifications to customers straight to their desktop or mobile devices in order to re-engage users immediately.

Collect subscribers with a Justuno promotion and send messages instantly to segmented lists. When visitors opt-in, push notifications will be delivered via desktop or mobile even when the user is off your site, removing the fear that they will get lost in a spam folder or go unread in their inbox.

Examples of messages you can send are:

  • Flash Sales
  • Abandoned Cart Reminders
  • New Product Arrivals
  • Event Notifications
  • New Store Announcements
  • Re-Stock Alerts

Plus, with Justuno’s aesthetically pleasing opt-in pop-ups and advanced segmentation abilities, visitors will still have a great user experience, rather than the clunky white box in the corner.

Currently, this feature is free while in BETA.

Justuno Push Notifications Product

Two-way communication with your ESPs

We’re helping you keep your email lists neat and tidy by introducing two-way communications with your ESP.

After integrating Justuno with your ESP, you can update your settings to prevent duplicate emails in both lists and your database as a whole.

This helps prevent existing customers from receive coupons meant for new subscribers.

We're here for you

Justuno makes continuous updates in order to be the most innovative app in your marketing toolbox.

Check in next month to see what new features we’ve added to help you continue to improve and optimize your marketing efforts!

Corinna Ortiz

Corinna Ortiz

Corinna is our product marketer, who creates our training videos and manages our on-site promotions. When she's not working on product updates, you can find her in the roller derby rink.

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