Do Images Increase Conversion Rates?


I believe it was DaVinci that once said “images increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns”, and since, that wisdom has been rarely questioned…until now.

Just kidding. Nobody famous ever said that, but many marketers and advertisers have assumed such. Maybe it’s even true in certain channels, but when it comes to pop-ups on your site, this is anything but given. When determining which image tests to run and to not run, consider the following factors:

  • Your brand’s logo
  • Model or other human images
  • Product images

Running tests based on these different image categories can produce dramatically different results.

Running an A/B Test

Check out the video below on how to set up and duplicate your promotions with and without images, and see how it affects the engagement and conversion rates of your visitors.

The video begins with an intro to A/B testing, though you can skip ahead to five minutes. Be sure to check back to this post regularly to see results of some of our top clients’ image testing results!

Ready to optimize your pop-ups? Learn how to set-up your own A/B test right here.

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ther Notable A/B Tests for Website Pop-Ups:

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