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How a Wallet Retailer Converted 8% of Traffic into 18,000 Emails in Just 14 Days


The Ridge Wallet is a retailer of minimalist, durable wallets that fit in your front pocket. The practicality and affordability of The Ridge Wallet makes it a no-brainer for anyone looking to upgrade their current billfold.


Don’t be like George. Get a Ridge Wallet!


The Ridge Wallet was looking to get more return out of their traffic acquisition efforts, which largely includes paid campaigns through both desktop and mobile channels. Ridge Wallet turned to Pathways, a Los Angeles based marketing agency, with the goal of converting a higher percentage of traffic. Pathways implemented an email capture campaign on Ridge Wallet’s website using Justuno’s conversion marketing platform.

How Ridge Wallet Built Their Email List

Pathways implemented an incredibly simple, yet effective email capture strategy on the Ridge Wallet website. Using an email pop-up, they engaged visitors with the chance to win a free Ridge Wallet by entering their email address. The targeting rule was simple: Show the pop-up once per session.

The Results

The Ridge Wallet was seamlessly able to engage 71% of all traffic with their enticing contest offer. That created a conversion opportunity from nearly 3/4ths of their entire traffic volume.

What happens when you engage a bunch of traffic? You convert a bunch of traffic!

The Ridge Wallet was able to convert 7.65% of their total traffic into new email subscribers.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper.

Treating Mobile and Desktop Traffic Differently

The mobile and desktop browsing experience differ from each other so it only makes sense to segment traffic based on the browsing device. Pathways created separate pop-ups for Ridge Wallet’s desktop and mobile traffic. The offer was the same but some minor design changes were made for a better experience on a mobile screen.


This simple email pop-up displays to desktop traffic every new session with the goal of converting new visitors into subscribers. There are three key conversion elements to point out:

  • A strong incentive to opt-in. A free Ridge Wallet is of high value to visitors.
  • Product-focused imagery. It grabs attention and shows visitors what they could win.
  • Clear headline and strong call-to-action. It’s very clear what the email pop-up is for.

This desktop pop-up converted at a rate of 12% and captured over 8,000 emails in the initial trial period of 14 days!


As you can see, there isn’t much difference between the desktop and mobile pop-ups. but even the smallest changes for mobile can make a big difference.

Think of the mobile experience. It can be difficult to read certain text and an invasive pop up overlay could damage the website experience. This mobile pop up from Pathways and Ridge Wallet is an excellent example of simple tweak to mobile design to drive conversions.

The offer and the design concept is the same. These key changes in design were made specifically for a smaller display:

  • Different shape of pop-up.
  • Stacked email field and CTA.
  • Larger close button text.

This mobile pop-up converted at a rate of 10% and captured over 10,000 emails during the initial trial period of 14 days!

Key Takeaways

Start Simple

With all the talk of personalization and big data, isn’t it nice to see a success story that focuses on simplicity? While providing a personalized and relevant shopping experience should be a goal for all marketers, it’s best to start with what works.

Implement a simple lead capture campaign that is relevant to your shoppers. You’ll simultaneously convert a higher percentage of traffic while building your email list. It’s a no-brainer for any business looking to grow.

Maximize Traffic Acquisition ROI

You’re most likely driving traffic to your site through a combination of efforts in SEO, social media, paid channels, and referrals. With all of the resources that go into driving visitors to your site, it only makes sense to implement traffic conversion campaigns. If you don’t, then what was all that time, effort, and money for?

Ridge Wallet presents 71% of their visitors with a conversion opportunity which has resulted in a high visit-to-contact conversion rate of almost 8%. By engaging a high percentage of your visitors with a relevant offer, you can do the same!

Get More Sales Opportunities with Email Lead Capture

Why focus on email capture? Email marketing still is the most effective marketing channel for driving sales, outperforming social and paid search by 4X! By investing in email lead capture, you’ll be fueling your most effective marketing campaigns. Email marketing is also very accessible for any size business so it’s an excellent place to start if you’re just beginning to ramp up your marketing.

Replicate Ridge Wallet’s Success on your Site!

Want to increase traffic conversion and rapidly build your email list like Ridge Wallet? Reach your goals using Justuno’s conversion marketing platform! With pop-ups, exit intent, banners, email form integrations, and much more, you’ll have everything you need to get started! 

About Pathways 

Pathways is a Los Angeles based Marketing agency that specializes in lead generation, social media campaigns, email marketing strategy, and conversion optimization. Pathways is an integral agency partner of Justuno! Visit their site for more information on their services! 

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