Justuno and Optimizely Partner to Help Customers Deliver Better Experiences Online

Justuno, the on-site engagement, and conversion platform announced a new technical integration with Optimizely, the world’s leading experience optimization platform. The integration enables businesses to see valuable Justuno Goal reporting inside Optimizely to see which on-site promotions are performing better across variation testing.

The Justuno conversion suite provides businesses with effective solutions for visitor engagement, lead generation, sales conversion, and cart abandonment. The suite enables marketers to create strategic on-site promotions aimed at driving specific actions.

The recent integration with Optimizely will allow businesses to run experiments with Justuno Promotions. Now, marketers will be able to determine how to engage website visitors more effectively and what types of offers/messaging drive conversions.

An experiment between a discount promotion and free shipping promotion.

For example, a user of the integration can:

  • Determine the impact of a particular promotion on a landing page’s performance
  • Test different types of offers to determine which results in the most conversions
  • Test which overlay designs perform better

We’re thrilled to partner with fellow San Francisco company, Optimizely, ” said Erik Christiansen, CEO of Justuno. “This integration helps our customers engage with their visitors further by leveraging Optimizely’s powerful experiments to efficiently create data driven rule sets for optimal conversions.”

“Optimizely is committed to working with great solutions partners so that companies have the maximum flexibility to choose the best marketing technology solutions for their business,” said Travis Bryant, VP of Sales at Optimizely. “We’re excited to have Justuno join the Optimizely partner program so together we can offer customers a seamless solution to creating an optimized online presence.”

To learn more about this integration, visit https://www.optimizely.com/partners/technology/justuno/.

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