Justuno Integrates with Tealium’s Customer Data Platform

The typical marketer today is required to use multiple tools to properly engage prospects and current customers. However, these “stacks” of marketing tools can be difficult to manage and connect in order to optimize the website experience.

Tealium provides businesses with a robust platform to incorporate customer data into business decisions while also managing various marketing tools.

Justuno’s recent integration with Tealium’s customer data platform will allow businesses to install and implement targeted, personalized promotions into marketing campaigns while also making Justuno data accessible and usable with other marketing technologies. Businesses using Justuno can now collect, process, and use data to drive better marketing interactions and improve their website experience.

How Does this Impact My Business?

Faster Deployment. Easy Management.

Connect solutions like Optimizely, AdRoll, Justuno, and Google Analytics quickly and easily. This unifies fragmented data sources, allowing businesses to manage multiple marketing technologies effectively.

Connect Your Entire Marketing Ecosystem

It’s not just about using multiple marketing technologies. It’s how you can use different marketing tools in unison to gain a better understanding of your customers. Tealium enables marketers to harness data from multiple sources and use it to make better decisions.

Improve Website Performance

Load all of your tags efficiently for optimal page load speed and engage visitors with consistent, personalized marketing messages to improve conversion rates. Use your unified data to make important decisions regarding your digital marketing campaigns. 

Reduce Costs

Tealium’s tag management system frees up valuable marketing and IT resources to use for more important tasks. There is no manual coding involved and the Tealium interface makes it easy for marketers to decipher data and make decisions. 

Tealium and Justuno


Businesses today are making decisions based on findings from data and need to implement these changes in real time. To accomplish this, marketers need the proper tools to organize and manage different technologies. Tealium’s customer data platform aligns perfectly with Justuno’s onsite conversion platform in that both are designed for today’s digital marketer.

For marketers who are looking to reduce the time, cost, and frustration associated with managing marketing technologies Check out Tealium’s extensive data and tag management platform.

Justuno’s ease of implementation along with industry-leading design and segmentation capabilities allow marketers to engage and convert website visitors effectively. Find out how to convert 3-5% more traffic with Justuno!

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