Justuno Partners with Global Leader in Data and Tag Management, Ensighten

Marketing has evolved into a different breed. What was once a guessing game has turned into a science based on data analysis and accurate industry trends. Today’s digital marketer moves quickly, adapts to market trends, bases decisions on customer data and operates a long list of software and tools. It’s a profession of constant change and businesses need to find effective ways to stay smart and nimble.

The visitor conversion suite, Justuno, has made agility and rapid deployment a focal point of its latest platform update. Users can make adjustments to their marketing campaigns and implement changes instantly.

Justuno has now taken a huge step by teaming up with Ensighten, the global leader in omnichannel data and tag management. This new partnership and integration will provide businesses with an efficient way to install and implement Justuno promotions into current marketing campaigns while making Justuno data and Ensighten data easier to leverage and consume across systems and channels.

“Ensighten allows marketers to orchestrate different marketing technologies and unify data across any marketing stack in order to provide a better website experience and higher conversion rates,”  said Dheeraj Sareen, Justuno’s head of marketing. “We see Ensighten as more than a partner—they’re a key enabler for marketers to unlock Justuno data for action across their entire digital ecosystem.”

What does this mean for digital marketers?

Ensighten’s tag management solution gives marketers a unified and streamlined way to implement and manage marketing technologies. Why is this important? Marketers can make all necessary changes to their campaigns without any assistance from a developer.

This results in market agility while reducing implementation time and cost. This also allows for more targeted and optimized campaigns because businesses are able to adapt their marketing tactics and messaging to current factors and trends.

The integration will also allow marketers to pull data collected through Justuno into the Ensighten data platform for higher level analysis and application. By incorporating data from multiple sources, businesses can create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns to provide better customer experiences and boost sales performance. 

“This is huge for Justuno,” stated Justuno CEO, Erik Christiansen. ”We can now provide a more accessible and functional onsite marketing platform to enterprise level customers who are looking to engage leads and customers with relevant information. In a world that is crowded by endless choice, your business’s marketing must stand out. The integration with Ensighten provides the necessary tools to separate your business from the pack.”

Personalize your Website Experience

The integration is now live and Justuno can be found in the Ensighten app library. With just one click, Justuno will be installed on your site and you can begin converting higher rates of traffic instantly. Add Justuno to your stack of marketing tools today with a free 15-day trial.

The complex landscape of digital marketing can be a bit daunting but with Ensighten’s tag manager, managing your tools has never been easier. Learn more on how you can unify marketing technology and data to help your business accomplish more with Ensighten.

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