Marketing Podcast: Optimizing Email Capture with Stewart Anderson and Erik Christiansen

Earlier this month, Justuno CEO, Erik Christiansen joined Stewart Anderson of MuteSix on his podcast, Spend 10K a Day. They discussed the importance of email capture, the value of the email address, and expanding your email capture opportunities and conversions.

Enjoy this 25-minute podcast that will help you setup up a strategy that will turn daily traffic into new email subscribers that you can directly market to through email campaigns.

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“Email is a channel that you own. You own the lists, the marketing message and the delivery.” – Tweet This

“50-60% of your traffic consists of new visitors. These are emails that you have yet to capture.” – Tweet This

“Make the goal of capturing emails from 3-5% of your current traffic.” – Tweet This

“If you’re paying for traffic and have no plan for moving them further down the funnel, you’re just burning cash.” – Tweet This

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