New Integration: Seamlessly Integrate Hubspot Lists and Forms with Justuno

List building is a popular topic in marketing today. It’s widely known as a critical strategy for converting traffic and increasing sales opportunities for marketing emails. 

Rather than take a “one size fits all” approach to list building, the Justuno platform provides the framework to build branded email capture pop-ups that align with your business’s goals.

The updated form integration now provides HubSpot users with the flexibility they deserve for traffic conversion and list building campaigns.

Build Your HubSpot Email Lists with Justuno!

Justuno has updated our HubSpot integration allowing users to add functional HubSpot forms to Justuno pop-ups, banners, and slide-ins without ever having to leave the Justuno design canvas!

The deeper integration provides HubSpot users with:

  • Easy Login within the Justuno design canvas.
  • A seamless form and list integration with Justuno’s powerful pop-ups.
  • Hidden fields to collect useful information for personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Drag-and-drop form editing for optimal design and flexibility.

Below, we’ll dive into each new feature of the Hubspot form integration and how you can build more effective marketing campaigns with these tools!

What’s New?

Quick and Easy Integration

It’s never been easier to connect your Hubspot lists with Justuno pop-ups and promotions. Simply enter your Hubspot username and password once, and your accounts will be integrated.

One-Click List Selection


You no longer have to go back and forth between Justuno and Hubspot to integrate your lists. Your HubSpot lists will populate within Justuno for you to pick from as shown below. Select a list that you’d like to send newly acquired contact information to and you’re good to go!

Collect More Visitor and Customer Data social_life_email_pop_up.png

While HubSpot users have been able to add multi-field forms to their Justuno pop-ups, the process required a bit more steps and took more time. We’ve changed this with the improved form integration!

Collecting more information on your visitors and customers will only help you better understand your target market and will also provide future segmentation opportunities. The new integration allows you to add more form fields to collect relevant information like gender, shirt size, shoe size, age, birthday, interests, and so on.

With this additional information, you’ll have helpful contact information that can be applied to provide relevant email content to each of your contacts. This is only going to improve the effectiveness of your marketing emails.

Note: Keep things simple with additional fields. You don’t want to overwhelm visitors with too much work in filling out a form. Keep it short and only ask for information that is relevant to segmentation and personalization.

Auto-Populate Fields for Additional Data Collection

You can collect more visitor and customer data without having to ask them for it! This integration allows you to run hidden fields within your pop-ups that will auto-populate and then be sent into your Hubspot database. Here are a few hidden fields most that you can collect using the integration:

  • Current url (the url a user is on when they submit the form)
  • IP address (the visitor’s IP address)
  • Coupon code (the coupon code they receive in the post engagement)
  • Referring url (the url the user clicked on to get to the new page in your website.)
  • Previous Domain Referring URL (the url of the last page)
  • First url visitor landed on (the url the user first landed on)

This additional data allows you to learn a bit more about visitor behavior, to identify specific visitors, and market with email messaging that is consistent with website content.

Integrate Hubspot and Justuno Today!

Add the much-needed functionality and flexibility of Justuno to your HubSpot marketing campaigns! The updated integration provides everything you need to run effective conversion marketing campaigns with Justuno and dovetail those conversions with your Hubspot Marketing suite! Integration instructions can be found here.

Currently using HubSpot but in need of an effective pop-up solution for your business? Get started with Justuno today and enjoy every tool you need to convert your traffic!

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