Shopify Retailer, McMacular, Combines Style and Comfort for the Perfect Pair of Pants

Pants haven’t seen too much innovation over the years, at least nothing to get me excited. But then I stumbled across McMacular, a San Francisco brand that is changing the pants game one pair at a time. McMacular has taken your everyday pant and lined them with silk, bringing you maximum comfort with every step throughout the day.

I talked to McMacular’s co-founders, Taylor Dinges, and Casey Davis, about their brand, product, and how they approach the e-commerce game. The conversation is outlined below.

I’m in need of a new pair of pants. Why should I go with a pair of McMacular pants?

Because you are looking have a good time. You are looking for all in one pair of pants that make you look and feel good. You value your comfort but take pride in your style so you often find yourself torn between the two.

If you are located in a climate that gets a little breezy at night or chilly during the winters then a pair of McMaculars would be perfect for you. The lightweight additional silk layer provides luxurious comfort while helping shield the gusty wind.


The famous George Costanza once said “I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable.” I’m going to assume that George was also a fan of silk. How did the idea for silk lined pants come to you?

I was standing outside of a bar during a cold winter night in Clemson, South Carolina, where I was attending school.

Being from California, I was cold as #!?@% wearing just jeans.

“Casey, wear long johns. Or get some of those flannel lined pants,” my friend from South Carolina said. A couple others nodded in agreement.

To my surprise, those two suggestions seemed to be the only alternatives to solve my problem. I assumed there was denim that intertwined quality fit and feel with comfort. But after a few google searches, reality struck… My options were limited.

After conducting some market research and connecting with the best pattern designers, garment manufacturers and textile mills I decided to drop out of college and create pants that would allow anybody to feel as good as they look. All-in-one.

Mulberry Silk + Designer Denim = McMacular.

I chose mulberry silk because it is the only natural fiber that adjusts to temperature.  Therefore, when it is warm outside, the fabric expands to let air flow through, whereas, when it is cold, the fabric natural contracts to help insulate your body. Plus it signifies luxury and quality and I wanted to create a high-end men’s pant.

Another Satisfied McMacular Customer!

McMacular has been picking up solid traction over the last few months. What have been your key areas of focus with launching the new brand?

Everything. period.

Well, our main focus has been largely based on the customer experience.  We are constantly testing, tweaking, and improving our site. Additionally, we have been focusing on quality press outreach and connecting with fashion influencers who genuinely find our brand of interest.

Lastly, we have also been focusing on “not doing”. It is very easy to get caught up with the idea that I need to; post on Instagram 2x a day, update my status and consistently send out emails. It may seem odd, but we want to have a consistent quality brand image that our customers identify with and it is very easy to tarnish that relationship early in the game by over promoting and looking for ways to drive mass traffic. While press and traffic are vital to our success, right now we want to ensure everything is of high quality.


How have you gone about promoting your product?

Mostly through word of mouth, friends, family, and past customers. We have also run some Facebook ads and have to retarget though AdRoll set up.

We also connected with a youtube fashion influencer who made a dedicated video for us about the pants. This proved to be amazing at driving traffic, but due to the fact, a majority of his viewers do not buy designer jeans ($150+) we did not see many conversions. Which brings me back to the importance of quality traffic.

As such, we plan to utilize influencers again the future and will learn from our previous mistakes in order to continue to optimize our marketing strategies.


Why did you decide to limit production to 500 pairs?

There are a handful of reasons why production is limited to 500 but 80% of the reason is derived from the fact the pants are handcrafted at the only denim factory in San Francisco. As such, the capacity is limited and deliverability could take 4-10 weeks and we do not want to make our customers wait forever.

How have you used on-site promotions and how has it impacted your business?

We have used on-site promotions through Justuno to capture email address right when the user comes to the website. We state that they can get a pair of “exclusive dress socks for free with their first purchase” by entering their email. This way we get their email right away and can promote future products to them, but we also hope that it provides them with an incentive to purchase a pair of our pants.

We have also been designing a layover that will occur when the user goes to “exit” on the checkout page to let shoppers know when only a few pairs of their preferred size, color, and fit remain.

Result: Reduced the cost per email address from $6 to $1.65 after implementing promotions through Justuno!


What other tools do you use to run your business?

We built our website and run our business on the Shopify platform.

We consistently use:

  • Adroll – Retargeting Platform
  • Olark – Livechat Software
  • Justuno – Onsite Conversion Platform
  • Vantage – E-commerce Analytics Platform


Do you have any advice for new e-commerce entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

“The best decision you can make is the right one.  The 2nd best decision is the wrong decision.  The worst decision is no decision.”

Don’t wait for for the perfect copy or design.  Make sure it is quality and in line with your brand and let it rip.

Then….TEST, TEST, TEST…improve, and TEST AGAIN.

Check out McMacular!

For those of you who value both comfort and style, you’ve got to check out McMacular! They offer a variety of styles that will keep you comfortable for those chilly winter nights ahead. Go check them out!

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