The Four Most Important Shopify Product Updates for Your E-commerce Store

“E-commerce retailers who use a discount code are 8x more likely to make a sale.”

This is just one of the enlightening stats that the Justuno team learned at this year’s UNITE conference, which was held two weeks ago here in our hometown of San Francisco, CA .

That statistic obviously made us happy, since we’re in the business of helping you successfully offer discounts and coupons! (More on that below…)

What’s more, the Justuno team listened, learned, and left inspired – reeling to hop on the development train that Shopify’s running.

They announced many, many exciting things for e-commerce companies, but we’ve picked the top four that are most applicable to Justuno users.

Let’s take a deeper look at the four most important announcements made for Shopify merchants and how the Justuno team is going to help you leverage and implement them:

1. Build Discounts to Help You Engage & Retain Customers

Finally, the Shopify API for discounts is finally here!

If you don’t know what an API is, it’s basically a set of rules that determines how one program talks to another.

So, if you have a pop-up solution (like Justuno), you need an API to allow it to “talk” to any other software you use…e-commerce platforms included.

A HUGE Shopify merchant frustration has been the absence of a Discount API on the Shopify platform. It’s made offering coupons to customers very limited.

Discounts are becoming much more complex as the customer’s needs become more varied.

Shopify’s very first discount feature was launched almost exactly ten years ago in March of 2007! It was simple, it was efficient – it worked great. It still does. Not a lot has changed.

At the UNITE conference, it was announced that 20% of all Shopify orders, in the last year alone, had a discount code associated with it!

That’s HUGE. That type of data means discounts are absolutely an area that needs development attention.

Today, merchants not only want – but need the ability to structure and build better discounts. Each merchant’s customer base is completely unique and therefore needs a unique promotional strategy.

Discount strategies are so important for merchants to engage and retain their customers now than ever before.

With Shopify’s new and improved discount system, Shopify merchants will be able to offer flexible, creative discounts that combine multiple collections and products with customer groups, order minimums, and much more.

Once created, they can be edited on the fly and even in the middle of a campaign! Store owners can create bulk codes, cart-level discounts (buy one, get one free), and scheduled discounts that don’t require discount codes, all through the new Price Rules API.

Shopify API image

[image source]

At Justuno, this is the update we’re MOST excited about.

How to Use Shopify’s New Discount Functionality with Justuno

shipping threshold example

The most common use cases of Justuno on Shopify stores involve discounts and coupons. A merchant can set up Justuno to engage shoppers with relevant offers, discount codes, and sales messaging.

Prior to the Price Rules API, merchants were limited in the Shopify discount promotions they could run. If a merchant wanted to run a buy one get one free (BOGO) promotion, it would have to be set up with custom work or done manually. This offer could easily be implemented within Justuno but the backend of the Shopify store could not match the functionality.

Now, all of the creative promotions you want to run with Justuno can be implemented on your Shopify store which provides a seamless shopping experience and can lead to more conversions.

Imagine being able to offer an on-site discount (like free shipping) to an email subscriber who is:

    • Interested in a specific collection
    • Has **almost** met an order minimum threshold

Offering a free shipping threshold isn’t anything new – but being able to laser-target that user is something Shopify wants to help power-up with this new release in the Price Rules API.

The API allows for merchants to generate highly targeted discount codes. Merchants can then upload those codes to Justuno and implement campaigns that target specific shoppers with the relevant offer at the optimal time.

With Justuno you can target the offer as deep as you want! This not only ensures a better customer experience but a higher ROI from your discount/offer.

2. Understand Your Marketing Conversions to Judge ROI

Another really great announcement Shopify made is that Marketing Conversions will now be seen on your Home dashboard and directly on the Orders page!

That’s big news because, if you’re anything like every store owner we talk to, you’ve got more than one marketing initiative running at once and collecting this data is one hurdle.

Interpreting it is another.

You’ve probably got campaigns currently running through email marketing, ad buy, promoted social posts and you’re sales have gone up – but how are you tracking this?

Chances are, you’re tracking it across several different platforms and you have to log in and out of different accounts to collect/report it.

This update will fix that. It’s going to put all of your marketing conversions in one place and help identify what is contributing to their success.

So now you’ll be able to see exactly how effective your Justuno pop-up is in converting users through whatever offer you have running!

conversion shopify screenshot

[image source]

3. Leverage App Extensibility to Promote Better

One of the pain points Shopify merchants have been expressing is that understanding how to promote a product is becoming more and more complex with the addition of all the new available apps in the Shopify app store. And, if hiring a marketing agency isn’t an option just yet: Shopify hears you!

Now, once you have a new product ready to go and you’re ready to push it live, Shopify has added a card with app suggestions for promotion.

This will make it easy for you to connect the best promotional app for your particular product. With this update, Justuno will appear in this suggested list if you have us installed!

Shopify app screenshot

Then, you can access your Justuno account simply by clicking the button here on this card.

4. Stress Less About Billing

One of the biggest pains for merchants is keeping track of their billing for all the apps they have installed.

The last update we’ll touch on is that we’re now updating the Justuno app where you can be billed directly through Shopify!

You’ll no longer have to worry about logging directly into your Justuno account to manage billing. We’re updating our Billing API to integrate more seamlessly with Shopify. We’ve heard you and we’re working directly with Shopify to make this a less painful process for you.

Supercharge Your Shopify Site with Justuno

Fresh off our inspiration from UNITE, we’re excited to roll out a stronger focus for our Shopify clients in 2017 (that goes for Shopify Plus clients, too!).

You can expect to see much more from us with all things Shopify-related and we’ll revisit this post again once we have more specific updates/instructions on the Justuno integration specifics.

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