The Past, Present and Future of Emails: The Evolution of Email Marketing

We all either send or receive marketing emails on a daily basis. Email marketing remains one of the top sales channels for online business and continues to be one of the essential marketing practices today. It’s effective and it’s not going anywhere.

It has come a long way though. The experts from Email Monks have put together this infographic to take you through the evolution of email. This post takes you through the history of email, today’s common practices, and where you can focus to make your emails more engaging. Enjoy!

evolution of email infographic.jpg

Source: Evolution of Emails

Tweet-Worthy Facts

  • Human attention span is now 8 seconds. Over the years, email has evolved to convey more in lesser time – Tweet Me
  • Embedded video in email increases open rates by 19% – Tweet Me
  • 56% of email users prefer opening email on their mobile devices – Tweet Me
  • “A picture conveys a thousand words. A video conveys even more. A GIF, however, makes you fall in love!” – Tweet Me
  • A countdown timer psychologically triggers users to take action. E-commerce emails feature countdown timers for urgency – Tweet Me
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