Updated Klaviyo Integration: Add Multi-Field Forms to Pop Ups with Ease

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We’re excited to announce an updated form integration with the Klaviyo email marketing platform! This update provides Justuno users with a simple list and form integration along with several additional tools to assist with email capture and automation.

Keep reading to get a breakdown of the new integration and how you can use it to improve your conversion rate optimization strategy!

Building your Klaviyo Email List

The Justuno platform provides users with a suite of tools designed for email capture, traffic conversion, and sales conversion. Now, Klaviyo users can integrate their email pop-ups, e-commerce promotions, lead capture forms, and more with Klaviyo!

Collected emails and contact information are automatically pushed into specific lists using the Klaviyo Integration. Users can then target contacts with follow up emails and push new contacts into marketing workflows. But that’s not all. Here’s what we’ve added!

Quick and Easy Integration

It’s never been easier to connect your Klaviyo lists with Justuno pop-ups and promotions. Enter your Klaviyo API key once, and your accounts will be integrated.

You also no longer have to go back and forth between Justuno and Klaviyo to integrate your lists. Your lists will populate within Justuno for you to pick from as shown below. Simply select the list you’d like to send new contact data to and you’re connected!


Add Segments and Tags to New Contacts

Now, you can automatically tag and segment new contacts based on which pop up or promotion they engaged with on site. This provides the unique opportunity of marketing to your new contacts in a relevant and personalized manner.

A few example tags you could use are: New subscriber, Interested Shopper, Black Friday Shopper, etc. The added benefit is the ability to identify website visitors with the actions they’ve taken on site in order to deliver a more relevant marketing message.

Add Form Fields for More Data Collection

Collecting more information on your visitors and customers will only help you better understand your target market and will also provide future segmentation opportunities. The new integration allows you to add more form fields to collect relevant information like gender, shoe size, age, birthday, and so on.

Only consider adding form fields that are relevant to your marketing. You don’t want to deter visitors from completing the form because there are too many fields. Keep it simple and provide easy action for your visitors.

Auto-Populate Fields for Additional Data Collection

This integration allows you to run hidden fields within your pop-ups that will auto-populate and then be sent into your Klaviyo database. This allows you to collect visitor information without asking for it. We have added in three hidden fields most commonly used:

  • Current url (the url a user is on when they submit the form)
  • IP address (the visitor’s IP address)
  • Coupon code (the coupon code they receive in the post engagement)

This additional data allows you to learn a bit more about visitor behavior, to identify specific visitors, and market with email messaging that is consistent with website content.

How to Setup the Klaviyo Form Integration

This new integration provides valuable new tools and features to Klaviyo users while simplifying the integration and automation process. With this new functionality and flexibility, you’ll be able to achieve more with lead and data capture while feeding automated campaigns with more useful information.

For full documentation and details on how to set up the integration, please click here.

Using Klaviyo and want to achieve more with website pop-ups? Want to convert a higher percentage of your daily traffic? You’re in the right place.

Get started with a free trial of Justuno!

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