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Dynamic site promotions drive over 30% of sales

Atlanta Light Bulbs (ALB), a premier provider of energy saving lighting solutions since 1981, attributed over 30% of on-line B2B sales to engagements with Justuno promotions over a six month span.

With simplicity as the guiding factor for their pop-up designs, ALB leveraged their longstanding, positive reputation to successfully develop a B2B marketing strategy built on trust and urgency that converts significantly more website visitors into sales.

Using BigCommerce as their e-commerce platform, ALB was able to get their new strategy up and running with just one click.

Before Justuno

Before Justuno, ALB could not quickly change their on-site marketing messaging and lead captures. Now, Doug Root, Co-owner and President of ALB, is able to segment his website visitors easily and deliver relevant discounts and lead captures to potential customers:

“A lot of our orders are large orders, so people want to feel like they are getting a discount. I can come in the morning and decide I want to run a flash sale, then an hour later have a cool graphic and be promoting [the sale] on-site and grabbing new orders that we wouldn’t have gotten that day had we not had that flash sale.”