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Explosive List Growth: How Social Media Lead to 79K+ Emails in One Month



How did Redline Steel capture so many emails in just one month? With a little help from the rockstar Shopify Plus agency, MuteSix, Redline Steel crushed their November goals and generated over $1.2M in a single month!

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Learn how Redline Steel, a home decor company, collected over 79,000 emails and reduced their abandoned cart rate by 15% in one month using intelligent on-site messaging and an organic social media presence.


Over 79,000 emails collected in one month alone

“Utilizing Justuno for email lead generations allowed us to generate over $1.2M in a single month through segmented flows and campaigns.”

Colin Wayne, CEO & Founder

About Redline Steel

Redline Steel is a military veteran-owned, customized steel manufacturing company operating on Shopify Plus. Redline Steel specializes in custom steel home decor, and they have found a home decor niche that was underserved. They have quickly overtaken the market.

Founded in 2016, Redline Steel is a standout in the e-commerce industry for its huge success and growth in just two years. The company is on track to gross more than $30 million in revenue this year.

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In this case study, you’ll find how Justuno, Klaviyo, MuteSix, & Shopify Plus worked together to Significantly boost email capture, Reduce cart abandonment rates, Increase engaged conversions from on-site pop-ups, Generate insane sales in a short time frame

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