How Redline Steel collected over 79,000 emails in one month

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Learn how Redline Steel, a home decor company, collected over 79,000 emails and reduced their abandoned cart rate by 15% in one month using intelligent on-site messaging and an organic social media presence.
Over 79,000 emails collected in one month alone
Redline Steel case study

Inside you'll find...

How did Redline Steel capture so many emails in just one month? With a little help from the rockstar Shopify Plus agency, MuteSix, Redline Steel crushed their November goals and generated over $1.2M in a single month!

In this case study, you’ll find how Justuno, Klaviyo, MuteSix, & Shopify Plus worked together to:

  • Significantly boost email capture
  • Reduce cart abandonment rates
  • Increase engaged conversions from on-site pop-ups
  • Generate insane sales in a short time frame

About Redline Steel

Redline Steel is a military veteran-owned, customized steel manufacturing company operating on Shopify Plus. Redline Steel specializes in custom steel home decor, and they have found a home decor niche that was underserved. They have quickly overtaken the market.

Founded in 2016, Redline Steel is a standout in the e-commerce industry for its huge success and growth in just two years. The company is on track to gross more than $30 million in revenue this year.

Redline Steel Promotions

“Utilizing Justuno for email lead generations allowed us to generate over $1.2M in a single month through segmented flows and campaigns.” 

Colin Wayne
CEO Founder

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Download the Redline Steel Case Study

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