In 2010, two friends in San Francisco set out with the goal of helping every online business in the world be successful. With experience in website marketing and business operations from their $20M online retail business, Sierra Snowboard, the duo combined all of their ideas into one simple solution; Justuno. Together, with the help of their passionate team, they have created a world-class website marketing platform that is affordable, powerful, and easy to use.

Our Values

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Progress each and every day to reach even the loftiest of goals. This means building a better product, helping businesses reach their potential, and learning every step of the way. This train is chuggin’ along so hop onboard!

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We realize that we have a unique opportunity to create something special and to help other people actualize their dreams of running a business. No matter how difficult, chaotic, or exhausting things may get, we embrace the opportunity and will succeed.

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The digital marketing realm moves fast but we look to stay ahead. We’re constantly keeping a pulse on trends, searching for opportunities, and innovating to lead in our industry. Try to catch us!

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Teamwork is critical for success. W e wear many hats here at Justuno - baseball, 10 gallon, beanie, fedora, and the list goes on. With various responsibilities, each team member needs support and must provide assistance to others. Our tight-knit team works together to accomplish our goals!

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We believe in working hard, but also in achieving a healthy balance in life. It’s important to step away from our desks and appreciate the beauty that this life provides. We pursue our passions, encourage personal growth, and love to laugh!

Our Founders

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Erik Christiansen

Erik fights for the small business owner. With 16 years of retail and technology experience, he’s gained a solid understanding of customer needs and passionately strives for sustainable growth. With his visionary leadership in the eCommerce and Social world, he is a true investor in customers through his continuous, product-focused drive.
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Travis Logan

Travis brings a diverse experience in web technology to the Justuno team. His skills in client relations, UI and coding make him a true asset. With over 17 years of experience developing websites for a variety of companies—from eCommerce to commercial banking—he has gained valuable knowledge in a multitude of sectors in web technology.
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