Justuno E-Commerce Integrations

Enhanced E-Commerce Integrations

Did we just become best friends?

Meet Justuno’s best friends — Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and Magento. Uncontested leaders in the e-commerce industry, these big, friendly giants are also the most used platforms by Justuno users.

To make our clients’ lives easier, Justuno seamlessly integrates with each of these to provide the promotion solution you need, on the platform you want.

Get started in minutes.

App Stores

Justuno is listed in all major e-commerce platform marketplaces — meaning you can install Justuno on your site and start optimizing traffic in just minutes.

From Start to Finish

Our conversion suite is size agnostic. Our software is effective for the smallest of mom-and-pop shops and powerful enough to power enterprise-level corporations.

Platform-Specific Support

Our support section has specific articles for each enhanced e-commerce integration — for when solutions require a bit more involvement.

Always by your side.

It is not uncommon for retailers to switch platform solutions when their traffic or sales grow too large to be effectively handled by their original platform.

With Justuno, you don’t have to worry about migrating your promotion tools, too. We plug-and-play with your entire marketing system no matter where your e-commerce journey takes you.

We’ve got your back.

No matter which e-commerce platform you use, your conversion rates are always top of mind. This is why Justuno built out enhanced e-commerce integrations with the world’s most used platforms to ensure that no matter who you choose — Justuno’s got your back.

Only 39% of marketing executives say they are able to understand their customers’ cross-device behaviors. Justuno can help with that. Learn More

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Audience Segmentation

Intelligent audience segmentation helps you divide your visitors into sub-groups to deliver personal, relevant messaging that drives sales.

Design Canvas

A design studio with intuitive features to bring your brand to life through elegant and manicured promotions.

Mobile-Specific Promotions

Create mobile-first promotions and leverage unobtrusive messaging to harness the power of the mobile generation and drive conversions.

Advanced Behavioral Targeting

Laser-focused targeting rules make it easy to segment your audience by behavioral patterns and serve every visitor personalized messaging.

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