Justuno Glossary


Definitions for all of the terms and language we use to explain our products, the industry, and best practices.



A/B Testing – An optimization method which shows two variants of a promotion to visitors to determine the most successful. It is suggested to use copy or design changes (as opposed to targeting rules) for these variants. Learn More.


Advanced Segmentation – Creating a very specific group to then be targeted in the promotion rules. Learn More.


Advanced Targeting Rules – More powerful than the Basic Rule Set, Advanced Targeting Rules combine multiple rules or custom coded rules in order to target a very specific audience. Learn More.


Analytics Dashboard – Real-time data insights provide a breakdown of conversions, average order value, and total revenue assisted. Learn More.


Audience – Also known as a “segment” or “behavioral group,” an audience is a group of users that fit pre-defined criteria. Learn More.


Auto-Fetch Coupon Codes – Automatically generated unique coupon codes that are created through your e-commerce platform.



Banners – Are a promotion that sticks to the bottom or top of a page. Generally, the background extends out to both sides (left and right) of the page. Learn More.


Bulk Coupons – Unique coupon codes that you generate within your e-commerce platform and enter/upload into Justuno manually.



Campaigns – A multi-step promotional sequence containing multiple promotions with the same end goal. Ex: A banner fires after a certain promotion is engaged.


Click Engagements – Click Engagements are counted when a visitor clicks either on a CTA layer or anywhere on a promotion. This could collect a coupon code on the next step or be a CTA that links to another page on your site.


Commerce AI – A suite of algorithms and filters that power our product recommendation promotions. Learn More.


Commerce Rule – A rule that determines the algorithm and filters to be applied to a product recommendation promotion.


Conditions – Individual criteria that shape the audience that either will or will not see a given promotion.


Conversion – Justuno attributes a conversion to a promotion when a visitor engages with the promotion on your site and completes a checkout. Whether in the same session or 14 days after their last engagement. Learn More


Cross-selling – Encourages a customer to purchase related or complementary items to the one they are interested in. Learn More.



E-commerce Platform – The platform on which a user hosts their e-commerce store. For example BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. Learn More.


Email Capture – A promotion that requires the user to submit their email address to receive something in exchange. Examples include a discount code or downloadable content. Learn More.


Emails Collected  – Email Engagements are counted when a user submits an email address on a promotion.


Engagement – An engagement is recorded when the desired user action is completed within the pop-up and can be broken down into one of the following types:

  • Email Submission
  • Social Action (a follow, a share, etc)
  • Click Engagement (a CTA, coupon code, link, or video click)
  • View Engagement (when a promotion remains open on a page for longer than 7 seconds)


ESP – Email Service Provider, a company that provides email marketing services. For example, MailChimp and Klaviyo are both ESPs. Learn More.


Exit Offers – Fire when a user moves the mouse toward the browser window, triggering a specific overlay to display. This can be extremely beneficial to utilize on your cart page or specific pages with high Exit Rates. We recommend offering a steeper discount for this style promotion, enticing customers to stay on your site and check out. Learn More.



Facebook Messenger – A plugin that allows users to opt-in to receive messages from your messenger bot. You can choose from a checkbox or button. Learn More.



GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation, is a regulation in the EU put in place to promote data protection and privacy. Learn More.


GDPR Banner – A pre-made banner theme that has the legal text and opt-in or out buttons set up for users to consent to use of their information. Learn More.


Generic Coupon Code – A single promo code that multiple people can use to receive a discount.



Impressions – Impressions are counted every time a promotion is loaded onto a page of your website. An impression is recorded when a pop-up is triggered by a visitor, whether by the targeting rules or by user action, such as a tab or CTA click.


Incentivized Timers – A timer that counts down to a specific time to encourage customers to buy before a deadline. 


Integrations – Tools and platforms outside of Justuno that can be combined with Justuno to create a more powerful and comprehensive system. Learn More.



Layer-Based Design Canvas – The area where you can edit the design and functionality of your promotion. It’s more robust than the Basic Editor, which lets you do simple tasks such as editing text and coupon codes. Learn More.


Lead Capture – A promotion that requires information to be filled in and sent to receive something in exchange. The lead information is saved in order to attempt to convert the lead in the future. Learn More.

  • Standard – A standard lead capture promotion consists of a pre-engagement (where the user enters their information) and post-engagement (where the gated information is revealed) screen.
  • Intro Screen – An intro screen is a “micro commitment” question asked before reaching the standard opt-in screen.


Lead Capture Offer Engagement – When the desired action is taken by the visitor (i.e. email submission or social action) to reveal the post-engagement screen (i.e. coupon code, content, etc.).



Mobile Specific – Promotions created to be responsive and optimized for mobile devices. Learn More.



Pop-up Display Types – The positioning of the pop-up overlay on your desktop monitor.

  • Fullscreen – The overlay will appear over the entire screen.
  • Center – The pop-up will appear in the center of the screen.
  • Banner – The pop-up will show as a bar at the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Corner/Edge – The pop-up will display in the bottom left corner of the screen.


Pre-Built Templates – A pre-designed promotion with pre-made rules available to be downloaded from the pre-built library and uploaded in a users Justuno account.


Predictive Analytics (Upcoming Feature) – Using existing data sets to predict patterns, trends, and future outcomes. Learn More.


Promotions – A type of marketing messaging used to inform or influence a target audience. Learn More.


Promotion Scheduling – The ability to set a start and end date for your promotion.


Push Notifications – Messages that can be sent via a browser on desktop or mobile to customers opted-in from a Justuno subscribe pop-up. Subscribers do not have to be on your website to see these notifications. Learn More.



Sessions –  A session is a group of user interactions with your website that take place within a given time frame. For example a single session can contain multiple page views, events, social interactions, and ecommerce transactions. A session is over once there has been no activity related to that session for more than 30 minutes. Any activity after this time would result in a new session being created.


Spin to Win – A promotion that uses gamification to promote engagement. Typically there is a wheel that spins to reveal your discount/prize. Learn More.



Targeting Rules – The grouping of conditions to create a segment of website traffic that will be included in seeing a given Justuno promotion. Learn More.


Themes – A pre-designed promotion available in the promotion wizard.



Unique Coupon Code – An umbrella term for one time use/ single-use coupons. They can be implemented through bulk uploads or by our auto-fetch feature.

  • Bulk Coupons and Auto Fetched Coupons are methods to upload unique coupon codes. Bulk Coupons have to be generated in your Cart Platform and entered into Justuno manually by copy and paste or by a CSV upload. Auto Fetched Coupons automatically pull generated unique coupon codes from your Cart Platform.


Upselling – a technique used to encourage a customer to purchase a comparable higher-priced item. Learn More.



View Engagements – A view engagement is counted when a promotion is open for eight seconds without being closed by the visitor.

  • Other Engagements – Other engagements include things like social engagements, plugin engagements, push notification subscribes, and facebook messenger opt-in.


Website Messaging – Any promotion that does not require an action to view the offer. Examples include onsite messaging or a simple CTA. Learn More.

Website Message Offer Engagement – There are two types of engagements for Website Messages – “click” and “view”.

  • Click Engagements are defined as a click made by the visitor anywhere on the pop-up that does not close it, i.e. the user clicks to copy the coupon code, or clicks a CTA.

  • View engagements are defined as any website message displayed to a visitor for longer than eight seconds before it is subsequently closed.


Explore our guides on Conversion Optimization, Mobile Pop-Ups, and more.

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