Justuno Integrates with Rare.io to Provide Powerful Email List Growth Solutions for E-Commerce

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Justuno has recently integrated with Rare.io to accelerate email list growth and expand the reach of highly targeted marketing emails. The traffic conversion tool allows marketers to convert a higher percentage of website visitors into new email leads. These newly acquired emails are automatically pushed into Rare.io so businesses can immediately and effectively market to these high-value leads.

Predictive Email Marketing for E-Commerce

Email marketing is an incredible sales driver for e-commerce retailers and it just got more powerful. Rare.io is an email marketing solution for online stores that use predictive analytics to track customer buying behavior.

This allows marketers to accurately determine product recommendations and optimal delivery times so each individual customer receives a relevant email at the time they’re most likely to shop on your site.

List Building Made Easy

Marketers can now build their email list using attractive email pop-ups, sign up bars, and exit pop-ups with Justuno. The platform lets marketers design and brands their pop-ups while also adding incentives like promo codes, gated content, or an entry into a contest to drive more sign-ups.

All new emails are then automatically uploaded to a Rare.io list. Marketers can then run segmented email campaigns to foster new relationships and drive sales. With Rare.io’s predictive capabilities, you can ensure that these potential customers are receiving highly targeted emails that are likely to drive purchases.

Get Started Here

For more information on Rare.io and predictive email marketing, check out the app on Shopify and BigCommerce!

Want some more information on Justuno? Check out the full conversion rate optimization suite.

Heard enough and you want to accelerate email list growth today? Get started for free below!

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