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Maximize your ecommerce site with Magento’s granular customization. Boost sales by crafting the perfect customer experience on your store.

conversion rate optimization

Justuno and Magento Clients

Check out some of the clients we have in common:

Increase sales conversions
Grow email list
Improve sales

How do Magento & Justuno Work Together?

Justuno provides a powerful conversion marketing platform to Magento merchants, small and large. The platform features 20+ conversion-focused apps including pop ups, exit intent, cart abandonment offers, contests, and much more. As a Magento merchant, you have everything you need to convert shoppers into leads and sales with Justuno!

Key Benefits

Magento merchants on average receive 3x sales growth and 50% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership.
Cloud hosting with Magento Commerce - 24/7 Coverage.
Top-tier customizability allows your store to transform to fit any channel.

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