Mobile SEO Cheat Sheet for Mobile Pop Ups

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On January 10, 2017, Google updated policies on mobile pop-ups, overlays, and interstitials. This update caused quite a stir in the digital marketing realm largely due to misinterpretation of the new criteria that Google provided.

With all of the confusion around the update, I wrote an article back in August 2016 (later updated in January 2017) so marketers could gain a better understanding of what to do with the mobile experience rather than evoke fear with scary headlines.

If you haven’t already, give the article on Google’s mobile pop up policies here.

Below, I’ve provided a cheat sheet to help you implement Google-friendly mobile pop-up campaigns.

The Mobile Pop Up Cheat Sheet for SEO

Google wants to discourage the use of pop-ups, overlays, and interstitials on the first-page load from a search result. To be in compliance with Google’s mobile policies, all you have to do is follow the proper use cases shown below. It’s that simple.


Add Mobile Pop-Ups to your Mobile Site!

It’s no secret, mobile traffic has been increasing and will continue to increase. With this big opportunity for conversions on the rise, it’s in your business’s best interest to implement effective conversion tactics.

Mobile pop-ups and banners are going to be the most effective means of turning that everyday mobile traffic into new leads and customers. As long as you follow the proper use cases outlined above, mobile pop-ups must be in your conversion strategy.

Add mobile optimized pop-ups today using Justuno!


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