Justuno, Reimagined

Where Intelligent Conversion Optimization Meets Seamless Automation

“ We are so excited for what the new Justuno means for all of our customers – end users, agencies, and tech partners alike. Justuno introduces a robust design studio and workflows that make website management easy yet powerful and comprehensive for all users, and the onsite experience itself way more cohesive and engaging for all site visitors. ”

Travis Logan, Co-founder and CTO

Unlock personalized visitor experiences for maximum conversions

Create connected customer experiences with enhanced CRO tools

Drive conversions and boost retention with a personalized shopping experience  and intuitive promotions. Build brand loyalty with our 100+ designer templates that exceed customer expectations with every visit.

Leverage powerful audience segmentation

Create a fully optimized experience for your audience using visitor profiles, dynamic segments, and more for the most advanced targeting available. With an easy-to-use platform, Justuno makes it easier than ever to navigate and integrate with your entire MarTech stack to capture more leads, close sales, and connect with subscribers by creating personalized onsite experiences in minutes. No coding skills required.

Audience Segementation

Curate your site visits with unmatched AI capabilities

With the help of our modern AI algorithms, create promotions that understand visitor needs and intent. Predict customer behavior and leverage advanced triggers to convert more visitors into satisfied customers.

A modern conversion optimization platform

Deliver a unified and personalized buying experience for everyone from new visitors, VIP customers, and everyone in between – all while improving productivity and efficiency. Use powerful analytics dashboards to unlock opportunities, connect multiple apps for powerful omnichannel marketing, and more. Email, SMS, paid ads, on-site, desktop, or mobile – connect it all with Justuno.

All In One platform

Justuno – Reimagined

More than just pop-ups – an entire ecosystem dedicated to elevating
your onsite experience

1. Managed Services —  

Justuno Managed Services guarantees effective conversion strategies, personalization at scale, increased SMS/email list growth, and compliance with GDPR and privacy policies.

2. Robust Workflows —  

Modular workflow builder powers a 360°view of the customer journey – with a drag-and-drop builder to build campaigns from start to finish; tailor unique experiences for specific audiences, from messaging through offers, leveraging your tech stack throughout.

3. Design For All Levels —    

A design studio that adapts to your needs and experience with automatically responsive designs for mobile and desktop traffic

4. Comprehensive Audiences — 

Segmentation made easy, leveraging visitor profiles built off 100+ data points

5. Integrations With All Top Martech —  

For seamless cross-tool collaboration that scales

6. Get Started Easily —    

With a robust template library featuring 100+ professional designs

7. Multivariate Testing —

Run unlimited variations simultaneously to get results faster and find the ultimate combination of design and targeting rules

Custom Data Properties

8. Custom Data Properties — 

We’ve got targeting down to a science

9. Analytics That Matter To You —

Customizable dashboards to track your brand’s goals

10. Partner Templates — 

Get exclusive templates from our industry-leading partners and agencies in the e-commerce system all within your own library

Managed Services

Optimize your conversions with the right partner

In a constantly evolving e-commerce landscape, how do you guarantee effective conversions, personalized customer engagements, grow SMS lists, and stay compliant with GDPR and privacy policies?

Justuno Managed Services monitor, manage, and continuously advance your onsite conversion journeys to ensure all of the above.

From delivering comprehensive strategies to managing your onsite messaging and promotions, Managed Services experts prioritize maximizing revenues from your existing campaigns and implementing advanced targeting and segmentation. 

Justuno employs highly skilled and tenured CRO experts with deep industry expertise to help you improve your return on investment. Get started today without lifting a finger.

“A great platform for ecommerce stores. Many editors are hard to work with, and the process of adding discounts or pop-ups to a site is hard. Justuno makes it much easier…I love being able to create, design, & inspire all in one place keeping 100% of the process in one platform!”

Beta User 12

Who is Justuno designed for? 

More than just pop-ups – an entire ecosystem dedicated to elevating
your onsite experience



Those looking to break the mold of DTC brands as they scale

Enterprise Companies

Who need one robust platform to manage enterprise complexities with the agility to keep up in today’s economy

Marketing Agencies

Looking for a CRO platform that creates more ROI and ROAS from your campaigns and evolves with your clients’ needs

Our Technology Partners

Looking for a partner to fill their funnels and take lead generation campaigns to the next level


No matter what your business does, Justuno can help you understand customers better, create the onsite experiences they want, and help your business reach new heights faster

“I love the idea of an all-in-one app; they make the life of any business owner or e-commerce marketer much easier… the Canva of lead gen…taking something robust while keeping it incredibly simple is great.”

Beta User 19

Get Results Faster

Bring out the best version of your website today – with the all-new Justuno.