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One of Justuno’s top agency partners, Worth E-Commerce, and integrated SMS partner, Postscript, put together two Justuno multi-step pop-ups (mobile and desktop) to get you up and running fast. These high-performing email and SMS capture pop-ups are designed to grow your list and delight visitors.

Bonus: The targeting rules that Worth E-Commerce recommends are baked in! You don’t have to set anything up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the promo pack?
    Easy click to install pop-ups to collect BOTH email & SMS
  2. Why would I want it?
    You can grow your email & SMS lists at the same time in an non-intrusive way, and it only takes 5-10 minutes to set up!
  3. Isn’t it annoying to have too many pop-ups?
    This is designed as one multi-step pop-up. Email first, and an option for those who prefer SMS marketing to enter their phone second. This is the most user-friendly way to collect both!
  4. Why would I want to collect both email & SMS?
    Some consumers prefer email, others prefer SMS. SMS also tailors to your VIP audience; your most loyal fans often prefer a more personal channel like SMS.
Promo Pack

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