Ever wonder why we’re called Justuno?

Because our platform solution offers many conversion features consolidated into one app.

This enables you, as a retailer, to work on increasing your sales with ONE app.

Today’s post will show you how Justuno Shopify Plus customer, The GLD Shop, uses Justuno to cross-sell their customers by suggesting an additional product when a specific item is added to cart.  

Increase AOV with cross-selling & upselling

Your collection likely has complementary items which make them a perfect candidate for an easy cross-selling promotion. Featuring these products as a “set” that you should buy together is a great marketing tactic. The customer may not previously have been aware of the other product or never realized that it was relevant to them. These are similar to when a retailer offers a protection plan on a new phone.

Creating a cross-sell helps you:

  • Improve your customer shopping experience by recommending relevant items
  • Increase your customer average order value (AOV)
  • Increase your store’s overall revenue!

If your products aren’t necessarily complementary but do have several versions, then an upsell may be a better fit for your site. Upselling is when you suggest a higher priced version than the one a customer is looking at. This can be the gold level membership vs. silver; leather seats instead of cloth; or the most universally known, supersize your meal.

Upselling has the same benefits as cross-selling in terms of boosting revenue and AOV, but instead of suggesting complementary products they suggest a higher-priced substitute.

If you’re a Shopify or Shopify plus user, check out the video below to see how you can set up an upsell or cross-sell Shopify pop-up on your own site today:  

Build your first upsell or cross-sell today

Building an upsell or cross-sell is straightforward for our Shopify or Shopify Plus users. 

If you’re not operating on Shopify or Shopify Plus and you’re an existing Justuno user, under a managed plan, click here to connect with support to find out more about creating these promotions on your store.

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