23 Top E-Commerce Pop-Up Examples That Convert [Templates Available]

Not quite sure where to start with adding pop-ups to your site? Or just want to see exactly what it is that makes Justuno the #1 website conversion platform? Then you’re in the right place!

Explore 23 examples to enhance your website experience with a personalized touch and immediately add them using our pre-built templates to go live in minutes on any device. From product quizzes/surveys and exit offers to tap-to-text opt-ins, product recommendations, and beyond—we’ve got you covered. Let’s check out some of our most popular e-commerce use cases!

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1. Dynamic Lead Capture

Justuno’s dynamic lead captures and other dynamic pop-ups give you the option of dynamic personalization based on URLs and UTMs. Use source, term, content, medium, and even coupon code within your lead capture to instantly elevate your website experience for new visitors.

This dynamic content helps not only improve ROAS through better opt-in rates from paid traffic but also provides a seamless transition from offsite to onsite from owned channels as well—making it more likely for them to convert the same session by removing barriers to purchase like searching for a coupon code, seeing a lower/different offer onsite, etc.

Justuno can dynamically pull in from your UTMs: source, term, content, medium, and even coupon code.

Dynamic Lead Capture

In our live example, the 30% discount is being pulled in from the UTM link & would be the perfect complement to any acquisition campaign.

2. Product Quiz/Survey

Product quizzes/surveys are gold for every stage of the customer journey, with an engaging and fun way to find exactly what they want. Place these in exit offers to help in product education, with lead captures for personalized product recommendations, email/SMS flows, etc., whatever your audience needs…help them (and yourself) with a survey/quiz. The zero-party data you collect will help you not only personalize this visitor’s experience at that moment but also allow for relevant follow-up campaigns, segmentation possibilities, general market research, and more!

Customize your quizzes/surveys in Justuno with:

  • Unlimited screens for total design control
  • Multiple answer options like radio buttons, multi-selectors, stylized buttons, and more
  • Flexible analytics to review results how you want: By question, customer, or as a whole
  • Custom properties in Justuno to collect any kind of zero-party data you want
  • Expand and refine visitor profiles for the ultimate retargeting scenarios

3. Sticky Announcement Banner

Website banners are one of the most effective and underutilized pop-up examples around—and making them sticky is the perfect way to pin your message to the top (or bottom) of the website page to keep it low-profile but still visible as visitors shop and scroll through your page.

Common messages are free (or threshold) shipping offers, lead capture, quiz initiation, site-wide sale announcements, countdown timers, and general branding.

Additional design elements can be added, like a text ticker for movement, dynamic content like the example above, a countdown timer, etc. Justuno designs are responsive, so your banner size will be optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile visitors with no additional effort!

Feeling inspired but not sure where to start? Book a call with our team to find the best fit for you.

Depending on the desired action, full-screen takeovers can be great for first-time visitors, referral traffic, highly specific segments, etc.

4. Full Screen Takeover

For those who want to go truly all-in on their pop-ups, nothing is quite as effective as a full-screen takeover. This pop-up functions like a landing page, completely covering the visitor’s screen with your offer/branded pop-up design to drive the desired action.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when using full-screen pop-ups:

  • Don’t do them on the first-page load for traffic from Google search (they’ll ding you for this)
  • Make sure always to have a close button accessible & obvious. We often use two, one in the upper right-hand corner and one as text beneath the CTA
  • Offer real value; this pop-up is interruptive, which makes it effective, but if not done well, it can also be annoying to visitors—so plan accordingly
  • These can be great as a behaviorally triggered pop-up, meaning the visitor clicks an element that opens them up. Like a floating tab or other embedded CTA on your website

5. Exit Offer with Lead Capture

While we don’t always recommend using exit offers as your main source of list growth, they can come in handy for targeting certain segments, like those who closed your new visitor pop-up without opting in.

Change up this offer to make it more compelling by:

  • Adding tiered incentives (10% off in welcome, so 15% off upon exit)
  • Offering additional help to find what they need + lead capture (i.e., product quiz)
  • Free or expedited shipping
  • Adding a timer to drive same-session conversions
  • Make it all about the experience. Launch a survey to discover what is causing them to leave your site in the first place
  • Ask a simple question to discover active traffic channels you are not taking advantage of – Where did you first hear about us?
Exit Offer with Lead Capture

Exit offers are triggered on desktop by the cursor breaking the screen or going to exit in the top corners, while on mobile, it’s either idle time or via the back button.

6. Cart Abandonment Pop-Up with Timer

For visitors who add items to their cart and then go to exit—fire a cart abandonment pop-up with a timer to drive same-session conversions via urgency and FOMO. In this example, we’re reminding them that their cart contents aren’t guaranteed for long and may be gone if they leave them behind.

Timers are easy to add to your pop-ups and fully customizable, so you can achieve any look you want. This corner/fly-out placement is great for non-intrusive messaging that catches their eye but doesn’t overwhelm them—simple, effective, and a must-have.

7. Product Recommendation Carousel

Product recommendations are one of the best ways to add value to your product description pages, helping visitors navigate your site and find exactly what they want while boosting average order values.

Justuno’s intelligent product recommendations can be placed anywhere on your website (in-page, in a pop-up, in cart/on cart pages, order tracking pages, etc.), giving you unlimited options for how to use them.

Add these product recommendations easily:

  • No code/dev help required; all you need is an element to target
  • Seamless in-page placement makes it appear native to your site
  • Use advanced targeting/filters to achieve maximum personalization. Choose from five algorithms as your base goal, and then use our filters to make it as personalized as you’d like for every scenario.

In this example, it’s embedded on a product description page to help visitors continue shopping related items to the one they’re viewing now—this being our “home” swag collection :) 

Want to get started with multiple strategies at once? We can help with that; book a call with our team to get started optimizing your website on multiple fronts.

8. Two-Step Lead Capture

Want to focus on growing both email and SMS databases at the same time? Use our two-step lead capture to do just that!

These multi-screen pop-ups collect email addresses on one and phone numbers on another. The thought behind these is that once visitors complete step one (usually the email opt-in), they’re more likely to complete step two. That may or may not be the case with your audience. The good news? Justuno smart frames allow you to target visitors based on what they did/didn’t complete, so those who only opted in to email? Ask for SMS opt-in only on their next visit or vice versa!

9. Coupon Pop-Up (Tab)

If you want to go the non-intrusive route but still want to give visitors the option to claim a coupon/other incentives—use a small, floating tab in the corner that, when clicked, opens a bigger pop-up.

Key things to keep in mind for this type of pop-up design:

  • Keep the two designs similar for a more seamless experience
  • Use dynamic coupon codes from your e-commerce platform to avoid coupon abuse
  • Encourage same-session conversion with click-to-copy or click-to-apply codes for easy use at checkout
  • Track click engagements easily with Justuno analytics & custom dashboards

10. Cart Abandonment Last Viewed Item(s)

For the window shopping segment, cart abandonment is a daily occurrence, but that doesn’t make them a low-value segment, just low-intent! Use a cart abandonment pop-up that directly pulls in an image of the item(s) in their cart to remind them of what they have and offer to email it to them along with a coupon.

The dynamic element of the cart content provides instant personalization, making an opt-in more likely. A/B test the messaging, target audience (new or return), offer, & number of products used to find the sweet spot for preventing cart abandonment & future conversion of those who do exit anyway.

11. Checkout Cross-Sell Product Recommendation

In-cart and checkout page cross-sell recommendations are some of the most effective ways to optimize your BOFU. Just like tossing a candy bar in the cart at the grocery store, these are perfect last-minute impulse additions, and the more related to their current cart contents and past survey responses, the more likely they are to return higher engagement & conversion rates!

Combine these add-on product recommendations with other strategies for maximum results:

  • If you only offer free shipping over a certain amount, suggest products that would get them to that threshold
  • Suggest complementary/related items to enhance their experience
  • “Mystery” product add-ons in exchange for deep discounts
  • Free samples/GWP for those wanting to encourage future potential purchases
  • Encourage product/category discovery with our algorithms for increased CLTV + brand engagement
  • And so many more!
Checkout Cross-Sell Product Recommendation

The one-click add-to-cart makes this a seamless experience that doesn’t interfere with their journey toward checkout.

Have a unique case in mind we didn’t cover? Book a discovery call with our team to set you up for success!

Choose Your Own Discount Use Case

You don’t have to sacrifice your profit margins with discounts to use this strategy. Non-discount incentives like free gifts, upgraded shipping, gated content, etc. all work!

12. Choose-Your-Own ….

Justuno’s choose-your-own_____ strategy is a gamified approach to lead capture perfect for brands who don’t want to use more typical games like spin-to-wins, slots, etc.

These give the power of choice over to the visitor, making them feel a sense of ownership over what they choose. This increases the likelihood of them not only opting in to receive your emails/SMS but also continuing on to conversion.

The choose-your-own strategy is a highly effective lead capture strategy that’s led to double-digit growth for many of our customers who have used it. Not to mention, you’ll figure out which incentive appeals most to your target audience to use in future campaigns!

13. Exit Offer with Buy Now Pay Later

A great non-discount incentive to place on your exit offers is your BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) options. Adding this to your exit offer can help reduce sticker shock, showing shoppers that they can, in fact, afford the items in their cart.

Other ways BNPL impacts your business:

  • Increased AOV by giving shoppers the ability to pay in multiple installments for a lower impact on their wallet today, encouraging higher cart values.
  • Boost overall sales with a flexible checkout that’s less effort and removes chances for abandonment.
  • BNPL fosters loyalty & retention with easy & repeatable purchase experiences.

31% of BNPL users said they would abandon their cart entirely if BNPL weren’t an option. Making it not only a strong traffic retention strategy but a sales channel in and of itself. 

Completely automate this process from handle collection via Justuno to identification and reward via Gatsby, email via Klaviyo, and even loyalty perks with Yotpo!

14. Instagram Handle Lead Capture

Opt-ins aren’t just for email and SMS; they’re for social media handles, too! Collect Instagram and TikTok handles in your lead capture pop-ups for yet another channel to connect with customers on.

Use these opt-ins to:

  • Grow your brand ambassador and influencer programs. Sync these handles with an app like Gatsby to identify and organize users based on attributes such as follower count and influence.
  • Reward UGC creation. If you offer perks in exchange for reviews, posts, etc. you can collect handles to automate this retention & content strategy.
  • Build a community. Connecting with your customers on social media, especially Instagram and TikTok, provides an outlet for engagement and growth.

15. Age Verification

If you’re in the business of selling more *adult* items, we’re talking cigarettes, vapes, e-cig pods, wine, fine whiskey, or any other regulated goodies, then you know there are age restrictions on those items. That means you’ll need a tool to verify the age of your site visitors, and you can do this easily with an age verification pop-up. Use these as a way to gate your website, remain compliant with industry regulations, and think of them as a chance to show off some brand personality!

Connect age information with a visitor profile to build a more holistic view of your customers. Optimize the website messaging they interact with later and even send this info to your ESP for specialized emails around their birthday.

Feeling inspired but not sure where to start? Book a call with our team to find the best fit for you.

16. Social Media Traffic Loyalty Program Opt-In

If you’re driving traffic to your website from social media, then make sure UTM targeting is dialed in so the imagery in your pop-ups is similar to your social content. You can make this super granular by targeting traffic from specific influencer campaigns with their content or broaden it by simply targeting by platform.

71% of consumer buying decisions are influenced by social media – and that funnel started with awareness and interest, something that visual and video content sites are ideally suited for. Making this social media traffic incredibly valuable to not only convert initially but continually as repeat customers as well. Loyalty program opt-ins from this traffic can:

  • Become a source of UGC
  • Grow your influencer/affiliate marketing program
  • Create a highly-engaged customer segment
  • Organically your social media accounts
  • And so much more

17. Exit Offer with Navigation

Sometimes website visitors can get overwhelmed or have difficulty finding what they want. Use this type of exit offer to present popular options and direct visitors toward pages most likely to convert them.

This pop-up is best used for first-time traffic since their knowledge will be limited and are the most likely to bounce if they don’t immediately have their interest piqued. These CTAs could be specific product categories, best sellers, resources, etc. We recommend A/B testing to find the right number of options to include as well as the ideal destinations for each.

Exit Offer with Navigation

The best part? Analyze the first-party data you collect from the CTA clicks to better understand what your visitors are looking for to help you optimize your website experience.

Mystery Prize

Gamification works because it makes shoppers feel like they are losing out on something (#FOMO) if they don’t play or convert afterwards, driving them to action.

18. Mystery Prize

Use gamification in this lead capture to make opting into email or SMS notifications even more engaging! Visitors simply select their preferred option and click to unveil their mystery prize. A simple but memorable game!

While gamified pop-ups may not be for every brand, mystery prizes are one we see many brands testing. This is because they are one of the most customizable gamification styles, easily tweaked to embody almost any aesthetic/vibe.

19. Free Shipping Threshold Banner

free shipping threshold allows retailers to choose which cart totals to offer free shipping on and then use it as a conversion tool. Using Justuno’s dynamic cart value functionality, you can display the exact dollar amount needed for a shopper to unlock free shipping (or any other offer). As they add items to their cart, the banner dynamically adjusts in real-time to reflect the right amount left. 

By clearly seeing how close they are to “earning” free shipping, visitors are much more likely to spend a little more to unlock their reward. Threshold offers not only help boost AOV and lift conversion rates, but they also give customers the opportunity to earn something they want.

Free Shipping Threshold Banner

This immensely increases the personalization of a shopper’s visit, tailoring the promotion to their experience. Not only does this help more companies offer free shipping as an incentive, but it also acts as a strong motivator for buyers.

Spin to Win

Spin-to-win pop-ups are just one of several examples of gamified pop-ups we offer. Other options include mystery prizes, choose-your-own discountsscratch-offs, and slot machines!

20. Spin-To-Win

Spin-to-wins are one of the highest performing pop-ups with an average 13% opt-in rate, but gamified promotions are pretty divisive with some brands loving them and some not so much. We think they’re a great way to make lead captures more engaging and interactive.

Here are a few spin-to-win best practices to keep in mind:

  • Make the best prize available the winning one—otherwise, visitors may be disappointed in what they won and leave your site or keep trying to spin until they win. Give them the best available prize and drive them toward conversion!
  • Go crazy with design—use one of the more traditional designs like the example here or go the custom route working your products into the pop-up. Some of the most unique pop-ups we’ve seen were custom spin-to-wins!
  • Don’t use them during the holidays—we recommend turning spin-to-wins off during BFCM and other high-sales traffic periods as their extra steps will cause friction when your main focus should be conversion.

21. Lead Capture + Preferences

Collect more than just e-mails with this enhanced lead capture collecting visitor interests as well. Personalize welcome flows from the start with a different series for each choice to guarantee maximum impact and relevance.

Merchants might balk at adding a second field to their opt-ins, thinking it will reduce subscription rates. However, we always recommend you A/B test everything at least once sometimes; you might be like Snow Monkey, who grew their list 5X with their 2-field pop-up. Alternatively, if you want to prioritize the email opt-in, you can always elect to ask these questions on the follow-up screen after they’ve provided their email!

Choose Your Journey

The most helpful piece of advice we can give you when it comes to zero-party data and your pop-ups?

Pick the piece of data that is most valuable for you.

22. Quiz Landing Page

Launch new landing pages quickly and easily with the same level of dynamic personalization your pop-ups have. This quiz landing page is perfect for driving new visitors (specifically paid traffic) to help them find the right product to suite their needs while also learning more about your brand.

Collect valuable zero and first-party data to build up strong profiles s from the point of opt-in. Use this data for segmentation and enhanced personalization later on for higher profit margins and customer lifetime values.

23. Product Drop Landing Page

Play on exclusivity and FOMO by using a landing page to announce a product (or brand) drop. This template has the option of email or SMS so visitors can pick their preferred channel though with something time-sensitive like a drop…SMS is usually the way to go. And the countdown timer lets them know just how long they have to wait!

This landing page is perfect for those:

  • Launching a new brand or website
  • Unveiling new collections or lines
  • With limited-time releases or seasonal products
  • And more!
Product Drop Landing Page

This a great example of building hype using an upcoming launch to collect high-intent subscribers, almost guaranteed to make a purchase.

These are just a few of the hundreds of types of pop-ups you can create using Justuno—if you can think of it, you can build it with our industry-leading conversion platform.

Get started with a free, 14-day trial of Justuno and have access to all the templates listed above (and hundreds more), or get a 1:1 walkthrough of our platform to see how we can help you address your biggest website challenges today.