Are you looking to boost engagement and conversions on your website? Spin to win pop ups or spin-the-wheel popups can be an entertaining and effective tactic to grab visitors’ attention and motivate them to take action.

Spin to win popups generate a sense of urgency and anticipation by using gamification to fuse the thrill of a game with the possibility of earning rewards or discounts, which can greatly boost conversions.

Modeled after the Wheel of Fortune game show, these pop-ups are a great way to capture lead information, reduce cart abandonment, and convert visitors into customers by providing a fun way for users to interact with your site.

Rover Spin to Win

Spin To Win Pop Up FAQs

What are spin to win pop ups?

Spin to win pop ups are a type of lead capture that shows visitors a spin wheel game with a variety of prizes available to win. They spin it and whatever prize the wheel lands on is their’s once they enter their email or phone number to opt-in.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the application of game elements that are appealing to a non-game context (like your website) to improve engagement and encourage visitors to take specific actions.

Are there other types of gamified pop ups?

Yes! Spin-to-wins are not the only kind of gamified pop-up. Other options include slot machines, scratch-offs, mystery prizes, and choose your own discount. Plus, spin to wins are highly customizable, so they can look like anything you want.

What’s the best discount to use for spin to win pop ups?

The best discount to use in your spin to win pop up is one that will appeal to your audience, and that will differ for every business. But we always recommend having the best prize on your wheel be the winning one for the best CX; otherwise, people may not opt in or leave out of frustration.

Are there any legal implications to using spin to win pop ups?

To avoid any issues with sweepstakes and contest laws, there are a few best practices to follow. Always have a set of rules to accompany your prize and ensure that you’re transparent with your visitors.

In this guide, we will talk about the key features of a spin to win pop up and explore the steps to create compelling popups that grab your audience’s attention, boost customer loyalty, and increase sales. 

What Is A Spin To Win Pop Up?

A spin-to-win popup is a promotion where users are presented with a spin wheel game in which they can win prizes such as a discount code that can be applied to their purchase, product giveaway, or additional prizes.

Like the example below, each section of the wheel will show a different prize available.

Spin-to-Win Pop-Up Template

Spin-to-win promotions are perfect for lead capture purposes since they incentivize visitors to play the game by offering a money-saving opportunity in exchange for opting into either email or SMS campaigns. But these wheels also incentivize them to make a subsequent purchase to redeem their discount, collect their free gift, etc.

For these reasons, spin-to-win wheels can serve as an excellent tool in website conversion rate optimization by driving both purchases and lead generation at the same time.

Why Should You Be Using Gamified Popups?

Gamified popups are an effective tool for enticing, engaging, and then retaining website visitors. Here are some of the benefits that using gamified interactive popups can have:

  1. Increased User Engagement: Gamified popups use gamification concepts, which tap into people’s innate desire to play and compete, increasing user engagement. Your visitors will have a more engaging experience on your website if you include interactive components like slot machines, spin wheels, mystery prizes, quizzes, and more. This will encourage them to stay on your website longer to play the game and see what they win.
  2. Improved Lead Generation: Gamified popups are extremely useful for generating leads. You can quickly increase the size of your email or SMS lists by incorporating lead capture forms within the game or providing rewards in exchange for contact details. Our spin to win popups boast one of the highest opt-in rates of any pop-up design at 13% on average!
  3. Enhanced User Experience: Gamified popups can give your visitors a fun and memorable experience. They instill a feeling of pleasure and excitement, which makes using your website more enjoyable and interactive. Users will remember this exciting experience and be more likely to return in the future. Plus, gamified pop-up designs are highly customizable with your brand’s elements for an even more memorable experience.
  4. Higher Conversion Rates: Gamification techniques can effectively capture users’ attention and motivate them to take desired actions, such as subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase, or sharing your content on social media. By offering incentives or rewards through gamified popups, you can significantly boost your conversion rates.
  5. Personalized and Targeted Messaging: You can send tailored messages depending on customer behavior and preferences using gamified popups. The game or challenge can be customized to correspond with particular products, services, or special offers, improving the relevancy and efficiency of your marketing initiatives.
  6. Data Insights and Analytics: You can learn more about user behavior, preferences, and customer engagement patterns by using the insightful first-party data and analytics that gamified popups result in. By examining this data, you can find out what appeals to your audience and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.
  7. Competitive Advantage: When compared to conventional popups or static forms, spin to win pop ups and other gamified promotions are still quite new and less often used. This offers you an opportunity to set yourself apart from competitors, stand out in the crowded online landscape, and create a distinctive brand experience by incorporating gamification into your popup strategy.
Spin to win pop up bryan anthonys email lead capture

But gamification isn’t for everyone, and our customer success team has found that larger stores or sites with lots of visitors tend to have more success with gamification.

Gamified pop-ups are a great way to collect lots of subscribers quickly, but some customers have reported to us that they aren’t always the highest quality (those with the strongest buyers intent), so depending on your site and target audience this may or may not be the lead capture strategy for you.

How To Create A Spin To Win Pop Up That Maximizes Conversions

Below are a few tips that will help you create a captivating spin-to-win promotion that will grab your audience’s attention, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

1. Display Your Pop-Up After a Delay or Upon Exit

Some studies have shown that one of the most common reasons that users say they don’t like pop-ups, and specifically spin-to-win/gamified pop-ups, is the fact they’re often displayed immediately on a website.

We definitely don’t recommend firing your wheel pop-up (or any pop-up, for that matter) immediately. A general rule of thumb is that the best-converting pop-ups are displayed on a website after 15 seconds OR following certain actions/behaviors.

So a great way to increase the conversions on your spin-to-win promotion is to display it upon exit instead of displaying it at the start of a visitor’s session.

Exit offers are when a website displays a pop-up or promotion as soon as a visitor moves their mouse toward the ‘close’ button on the browser or when they motion toward a different tab.

These offers are proven to ‘save’ an average of 10-15% of visitors who would otherwise leave the site by offering an incentive to stay and/or make a purchase.

Pro Tip: Check out some of our customer success stories for exit offers, like Midland and Stegmann, who each kept 20% more traffic onsite using Justuno pop-ups.

Combining your exit offer with a spin-to-win promotion can be a great conversion strategy and an excellent implementation of gamification into your website experience.

shellshock-promo-cbd-gamification spin the wheel

2. Do Not Display Spin to Wins During The Holiday Season

One very important consideration when using spin to win pop ups or similarly styled promotions is that you should not use them during the holiday season, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

According to our Annual BFCM promotion statistics, during Black Friday / Cyber Monday specifically, the average conversion rates of the spin-to-win promotion decreased to 6.5% from the average 13.3% of the rest of the year.

We have found that this steep drop in effectiveness is due mostly to the fact that it adds steps to the buyer’s journey when they are already going to make a purchase. Discounts are an expectation of BFCM, and making visitors play a game (and opt-in) to get one will lead to high bounce rates. Just leave your discounts unlocked and use spin to win pop ups in the lead-up to Cyber Week to promote list growth!

Holiday Spin to win

Other promotion styles, such as countdown timers, which create urgency, or automatically-applied discounts, are much more effective during the holiday season when timing and effort required are deciding factors for many customers.

3. Take Steps To Avoid Cheating

We urge you to take the following simple steps to avoid users cheating on your spin to win pop up and while it may be rare for users to attempt to cheat, it can be costly.

First, even the average user can easily clear their cookies in order to keep playing over and over until they win the most valuable prize.

The easiest way to combat this vulnerability is to simply ensure that you are not offering any prizes you aren’t willing to give away to every subscriber.

Even low-percentage prizes can be won through this cheating with enough attempts, and if the prize is really that valuable, you better believe some people will try to exploit your promotion.

So we recommend having the best prize/discount showing on the spin to win wheel be the one that visitors win. This removes the desire to cheat but also creates a better customer experience. No one’s bummed out about not getting the bigger discount, and they’re excited to use their hard-earned coupon code.

Second, experienced technical users can modify the promotions code exclusively for themselves when they are on your site in order to win the desired prize.

Again, the easiest way to combat this is to ensure that your prizes are not outlandish (i.e., an all-expense paid vacation) or that the most valuable prize is the one subscribers win every time. If you want to go big, outlandish, etc., we recommend doing a standard email pop up with a contest/giveaway entry for your opt-in.

There are other, more advanced techniques to avoid cheating as well, although they may hinder the user experience in some situations.

One of these techniques is using CAPTCHA. This addition to your form mandates users complete a brief puzzle or select images containing a certain object in order to submit the form.

CAPTCHA is useful because it not only prohibits ‘robots’ or scripts from completing your form, but it also extends the time and effort required to play. Be careful using this technique as it will likely turn some users away who do not wish to complete extra steps.

Another useful tactic is using gated forms in the first step. Gated forms ensure that users must complete the form before they are able to play or gain access to their prize. But this can decrease engagement/interest, leading to lower opt-in rates by asking visitors to do something before knowing what they’ll get in exchange.

We always recommend that you include in the terms of the game (more on this below), which users must agree to in order to play, that you reserve the right to disqualify and/or ban suspected cheaters.

4. Focus on Design and User Experience In Spin To Win Games

Gamified promotions, namely spin to wins, are an opportunity for the marketer to create an ultra-branded experience.

In the example below, Simply Carbon Fiber’s spin to win promotion was designed to look like one of their best-selling products.

This spin-to-win promotion resulted in an impressive 18% conversion rate, proving that providing a unique and engaging brand experience built around your promotion boosts engagement and conversions.

SCF Spin to Win pop up design

For more examples of high-converting spin to win and gamified promotions, check out Justuno’s Guide to Gamified Promotions.

On the other hand, while some users will be delighted that they have the opportunity to play your spin to win, other users will not be.

Always be sure to have a clear, clickable ‘close’ button. To take it a step further, we recommend that you ensure that if a user clicks the screen outside of the boundaries of your promotion, it will automatically close. This is called ‘Close on Dim Click’ and is one of the best ways to ensure your pop-ups aren’t annoying visitors or accidentally covering key website elements.

Nothing turns a user off of your site like a pop-up that doesn’t want to close, so always double-check your designs! 

How visually appealing your promotion is and how easy it is to use plays a large part in how many visitors participate.

At the end of the day, prioritize the design and smooth functionality of your spin to win pop-up.

SundayScaries Wheel CBD

5. Regulatory/Legal Tips To Keep In Mind With Spin To Wins

Spin-to-win pop-ups are obviously a low-stakes game that marketers use to make websites fun. But there are some sweepstakes and contest laws that could be seen as applicable since they are a game of chance sweepstakes, so it’s best to keep a few best practices in mind:

  • Always include a set of rules even if you consider your prizes to be “low-end.” These should include eligibility, entry time period, odds of winning, full prize descriptions, and methodology to claim prizes. Include a link to your privacy policy as well to answer questions about how their data will be used and stored.
  • For those with visitors who may be in New York & Florida, do your prizes hit the need for required registration and bonding in those states?
  • In the USA, you can’t ask someone to give money/something of value to have a chance at winning a prize.
  • The odds of winning are something that comes up a lot in this type of law, and setting a limit on the number of prizes that are dispensed will change the odds, so make sure to decide ahead of time if you are limiting them and include that in your rules.

What To Remember About Spin To Win Pop Ups

To sum it up, developing spin-to-win (spin-the-wheel) promotions that convert calls for a calculated strategy and meticulous execution. Businesses can use gamification to increase their email list, engage website visitors, and boost conversions by following the instructions provided in this tutorial.

Designing visually appealing pop-ups with alluring prizes, fostering a sense of urgency, and improving user experience is essential. Utilizing data tracking and analysis can also yield insightful information for optimization and continual improvement.

Remember that knowing your target audience and designing the spin-to-win experience to suit their requirements and tastes are the keys to success. Spin-to-win popups have great potential, and by including these strategies in your marketing plan, you can maximize that potential and boost your company’s conversion rates.

Check out our Spin to Win & Gamification Page to learn more about Justuno’s pop-up options and start increasing conversions!

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