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Are you looking to grow your business and unlock new revenue streams? Become a Justuno partner and earn 30% for every new customer you refer to Justuno.

Technology Partner Program

Become a Justuno Technology Partner to help merchants convert more website traffic with personalized messaging. Our technology partners can expand upon their platform capabilities by integrating with Justuno on many levels. From 2-way data syncs to curated visitor workflows for brands—you’ll find multiple ways to integrate with our platform. Technology partners receive dedicated technical/QA support, early access to the newest CRO/design features, and access to help direct Justuno’s product roadmap.

Technology partners also have the opportunity to participate in ongoing co-marketing activities, receive qualified leads, and get priority recommendations to customers from our team. Join our program today to join 100+ other apps that are collaborating with us to add value for their merchants.

Become a Partner

See Where You Fit In With Justuno’s Features

Become a Partner

“The Justuno team is wonderful to work with as a technology partner. They are responsive, insightful, and willing to go the extra mile to create a merchant-first experience when we work with them.”

Evan Romano, Postscript

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Integration Success Stories

BK Beauty

63% Same-Session Conversion Rate


2X Increase In Engaged Lists

Moana Bikini

Moana Bikini

68% Instagram Opt-In Rate


1400% List Growth

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How It Works

Joining the Justuno Partner Program is easy:

  • Sign up as a partner – Fill out our application to create a partner account and receive a unique URL to invite others to try Justuno.
  • Start earning – Promote your unique URL. As soon as one of your referrals pays for their account, you earn 30% of their plan cost for one year.
  • Grow your business – We’re here to help you succeed and generate revenue through content, resources, training, and support.

“Our integration with Justuno was a no-brainer in that it brings together two best-in-breed platforms, giving merchants the ability to get so much more value out of their post-purchase experience. Our mutual client, in this case study could now use order tracking as a new marketing channel to easily grow their SMS list, allow for product discovery, target customers in their preferred channel, gamify the experience with spin-to-wins, and much more, all with an integration that takes only a couple of minutes to set up!”

Yaw Aning, Malomo

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Connect your whole stack

Unify your website, email, SMS, reviews, loyalty, and more all with Justuno’s deep integrations to industry-leading platforms. Segment, target, personalize, and convert like never before with your apps all working in harmony.

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