The Ultimate Black Friday Marketing Guide

Have questions about setting up your Black Friday marketing strategy? This 41-page guide definitely has the answers.

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of 2017 e-commerce revenue came from holiday sales

Inside you’ll find…

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping weekend continues to be the biggest online retail weekend of the year. As an e-commerce store, you need to be in the best possible position to take advantage of this shift in shopping behavior.

To help you with your Black Friday efforts, the Justuno team put together this comprehensive guide to get you ready just in time for the busy season. Here’s what you’ll find…

  • Steps to set up your ramp-up plan
  • How to prepare your product pages
  • Marketing materials you need to create
  • Optimization tips for email marketing
  • Benchmarks and average industry opt-in rates

About The Ultimate Black Friday Marketing Guide

We’ve compiled everything you could ever possibly want to know about preparing for Black Friday, including lessons learned from 2017, optimizing your email marketing strategy, and preparing your contingency plans.

Download this ultimate e-book and find insights on everything from setting your ramp up plan to preparing your sales team strategy.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Marketing Guide

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