Using Automated Email Campaigns to Boost Your Sales

Looking to spice up your automated email marketing campaigns but aren’t sure where to start?

We joined Maropost for a fireside chat on how to use circles of trust and personalization to take your emails from good to great without adding resource drain. We reviewed the mindset of “circles of trust” and where subscribers and on-site visitors fall into this circle. As well as provided examples of how merchants and marketers alike can proactively target visitors at different parts of their purchase journey with personalized messaging, offers, and product positioning. All in an effort to power & enhance your existing automated email campaigns.

Our panelists will be covering:
🔥 The art of crafting compelling email copy that captivates your audience from the subject line to the call-to-action.
🔥 How to leverage the power of automation to deliver personalized and timely emails, increasing engagement and conversion rates.
🔥 Proven strategies for segmenting your audience effectively, ensuring your messages reach the right people at the right time.
🔥 Best practices for A/B testing, optimizing your email campaigns and maximizing your ROI.
🔥 How to use surveys and other zero-party data collection strategies
🔥 And so much more

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