How To Enable & Engage Your Existing Customers for Q4

This webinar is your go-to checklist to prepare for the 2023 holiday season with new strategies and perspectives in mind for your existing customer base. It is July now, and that gives you two months to plan today and execute tomorrow.

Prepping includes considering what teams to include in your brainstorming & execution to provide the best omnichannel experience.

You may be a brand or marketer that has to deal with more red tape than a competitor, and only proper time can get you through that!

You’ll get a fresh perspective on the topics of loyalty, quizzes, retention, referrals & word of mouth (aka reviews), trends from agency land, and of course, data!

Walk away with a clear list of to-dos for a successful BFCM this year and make sure to check out more of our holiday resources below:


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