Google Analytics + Justuno: A Breakdown of Data

Here is an overview of the Google Analytics dashboard and how it relates to your Justuno data.

Video Transcript

So you’ve integrated your Google Analytics with Justuno. Now, what does it all mean? In this video, I will break down the data in the new dashboard. Here you will find your site traffic. This is equal to the user sessions in your dashboard of GA. Within these graphs, you’ll see a green bar and a gray bar. The green bar are these dates here. The gray bar are these dates here. Below, you’ll see the comparison metrics of the two ranges being compared. Next, you’ll find impressions. This is counted when a user has seen any promotion on your site. Then engagements. This is when a user interacts with your promotion. This can be counted as a CTA, a view engagement, which is when a user views a promotion for eight seconds or when a user enters an email or clicks a social follow. On the locked offer, it can also be when a user clicks on the coupon code area. To review the different engagement numbers, head down to the bottom of your dashboard and hover over this graph. It will break down different promotions and their engagement types. Same goes for all the data from above. Lastly, sales conversions. These numbers are all sales conversions. Not only the conversions Justuno has assisted with. For the data below, you have four options. Promotions, source, landing page, and exit pages. For the promotions data, this is the only one where the numbers are based off of impressions, not traffic. In this section, the block numbers are impressions, which are views on the promotions. And the green numbers are engagements. Remember, engagements can be any of the following; clicked CTA, clicked on the coupon code area, eight seconds of viewing the overlay but not on the Unobar, entered an email, clicked on a social action. Some really important data is this here. This shows you how much Justuno is helping your conversions. And also here, how much money we’ve made you. For the other three sections, these numbers are a little different. Black is overall traffic, and green is Justuno engagements. Check out our other videos to learn how to use this information.