Holiday Email Marketing Revenue Checklist

Watch this webinar with Justuno, Omnisend, and Essence of Email discussing email marketing and how to use it to impact revenue during the holiday season. Topics include:

  • Email capture pre- and post-holiday 
  • SMS capture and marketing strategy
  • Holiday campaign, frequency, and value-adds

00:00 Introductions

08:14 Email and SMS: can they work together

21:00 Holiday email campaigns 101

39:37 What are the top email automation

47:59 What to know segmentation, pre-and post-holiday segmentation

55:05 How to use BFCM intel to close 2020 and into 2021

1:00:25 Q: Any thought on SMS capture via paid social?

1:02:15 Q: If a customer checks out with their phone number, can we store it, or do they need to specifically opt-in to SMS?

1:04:38 Q: How can we integrate the opt-in SMS in our checkout?

1:06:10 Closing.


Video Transcript

Transcript coming soon!