How to set up A/B testing in Justuno

Justuno’s A/B testing allows you to test different overlay designs and discounts. This can benefit a customer to see if a small design or discount change can increase conversion rates!

This video shows you step by step instructions on how to set up A/B testing within your Justuno application.

Video Transcript

A/B testing is a feature on Justuno that allows you to segment different promotions on the same page to see which one works best for your site. We know that each one of our customers is different and therefore has different needs for success. Go ahead and create a couple promotions you think would work best for your site. Let’s say a 20% off one then another with 10%. Perhaps you want to get even more data. Duplicate those same promotions and change the design for each. Now, you can see if it’s a design fix. All promotions targeting rules will follow the main targeting rules from this promotion. That way, each promotion is firing on the same page which allows for true testing. [music]