Justuno provides a robust set of rules to better target the specific audience you need. This tutorial will run you through some of the advanced rules we provide. For a more in depth look check out the support article: http://support.justuno.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2107384-advanced-promotional-rules-

Justuno Advanced Targeting Rules

Video Transcript

Advance Rules opens a delightful Pandora’s box of opportunity. Here, you have the option of doing everything from location targeting to time to number of visits to seconds spent on a page, even to pixels scrolled. So let’s say I only want someone in China to see this offer if they are on the cart for 10 seconds. Here is what you would do. Now, if you’re looking to get really fancy, you can even add another rule set where a separate set of conditions are applied. Don’t want that rule set anymore? Click here to delete it. The world is your oyster with these rules. Please contact your account manager if you have any specific questions regarding this wonderful feature.