Supercharge Your Email & SMS Lead Capture With Justuno + Klaviyo

Looking to grow your email and SMS campaigns?

Supercharge your Klaviyo emails and SMS campaigns with Justuno— collect more opt-ins and build different experiences based on where each visitor is in their journey for maximum conversions.

Grow your email and SMS databases with a variety of promotion styles—like custom games, two-step forms, tap to text opt-ins, even, in-page promotions that appear native to your website.

Justuno and Klaviyo customers like DripDrop experience 30% list growth month over month and Snow Monkey grew their email list by 5X combining Justuno’s power of advanced lead captures with Klaviyo’s email segmentation.

To get started supercharging your Klaviyo account like these brands, you’ll need to integrate with Justuno. Grab an API key from your Klaviyo account and click on the form submission field in your promotion, then follow the prompts to complete setting the integration up. That’s it!

Now that you’ve integrated Klaviyo & Justuno, let’s create a targeted ruleset to drive more money from your Klaviyo automations with UTM-based targeting for onsite experiences that seamlessly transition from inbox to onsite.

Pull the UTMs from your campaigns in Klaviyo, then place them into the targeting rules for your promotions to trigger them when someone clicks through your email or SMS flows. To set up this kind of targeting rule, go to the targeting section of your promotion. Then click on create ruleset: from here, you’ll use a basic rule set. Select target traffic source, then email, and you’ll see this option to narrow down by campaign which is where you’ll enter the corresponding Klaviyo campaign UTM.

That’s it—your promotion will now only show to traffic coming to your site from that specific Klaviyo email or SMS campaign (if on mobile) for maximum personalization.

Want more? Justuno also dynamically syncs contact info AND additional data points like URL they opted in on, custom hidden fields, preferences, etc, Use these to improve your Klaviyo automations—enabling personalization from their first visit. Feed common auto-populated data points within fields using a drop-down menu located just below each field.

Justuno sets Klaviyo users up for success with targeted opt-ins and compelling designs and provides accurate attribution and data control to give you more control over your campaigns plus actionable insight into your customers. Leverage Justuno’s advanced segments to make your pop-ups a welcome sight rather than an intrusive one.

Interested in supercharging your Klaviyo campaigns and conversions? Start a free trial of Justuno today to see where an optimized onsite experience can take your business!

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