Lead Capture With Shop: Justuno X Shopify

Building your email list and driving sales has never been easier for Shopify merchants.

Meet: Justuno Lead Capture With Shop Pay.

The seamless way to streamline the Shop Pay experience for customers with automatically saved and applied discounts, all from a single opt-in.

Grow your lists more effectively while removing roadblocks on your paths to purchase.

At least half of your Shopify store’s customer base is already a member of the Shop Pay network, with over 100M+ members, unlocking benefits like:

✅ Faster time to checkout. 4X faster vs. standard checkout
✅ Increased conversions. 91% higher conversion rate on mobile vs. standard checkout
✅ More return customers. 85% repeat purchase rate within a year

As the #1 accelerated checkout in the US, Shop Pay is the obvious choice for improving conversions. It’s quickly becoming the #1 choice for lead capture, too, with Justuno x Shopify.

Set up lead capture with Shop in less than a minute on Justuno. Once Shopify Payments & Shop Pay are enabled on your storefront, simply select the lead capture you’d like to activate with this feature.

Then in the design canvas, on the left-hand side, there is a button labeled “Shop-enabled now.” Simply click it and confirm you want to enable Shop on your promotions.

Save and go live. That’s it!

Now you’re making purchases easier for your best customers, growing your lists, and driving sales all through the power of Justuno X Shopify.

It’s never been easier to drive results at both ends of the customer journey while enhancing the customer’s overall experience. Get started for free today and see the results for yourself on your Shopify store.

Learn more about how this feature works and how Justuno helps Shopify merchants convert more traffic into visitors below:


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