Post-Purchase Strategies to Boost Retention in 2023

The post-purchase experience is a critical stage in the customer journey and the foundation for improving customer retention. Not convinced?

Check out some of these stats about the post-purchase experience and how important it is for long-term growth:
– Order tracking pages are checked an average of 5X between purchase & receipt of items
– Returning customers, on average, are more likely to spend more money, refer friends, and try new products, making them 22X more valuable than non-loyal customers
– 84% of loyalty program members have made a redemption from the program
– 92% of customers will return to buy again if you get the returns experience right

A stellar post-purchase strategy increases repeat customers, generates more reviews, UGC, + referrals, and ultimately more revenue. It’s a non-negotiable in 2023 to have a strategy for this stage of the funnel and this webinar will help you build (or optimize) yours!

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