Shopify Checkout – Understanding the PCI Level 1 Closed Issue

Justuno CEO, Erik Christiansen, explains what PCI Lever 1 compliance means and how it will affect your Shopify store. Erik will walk you through what you can do to work around the restrictions if you are not ready to upgrade to Shopify Plus.

Video Transcript

Hey folks, this is Erik from Justuno. Today we’re going to talk about Shopify checkout. We’ve had several questions today around this. So I’m going to do one take; I’m going to knock this out. Shopify is a PCI level 1 compliant platform with a checkout, meaning it’s closed. As a Shopify user, what does that mean for you? What it means is you have no control over your checkout page. It’s completely locked to you, meaning when a visitor’s on your site, and they add an item to your cart and then click checkout, if you take a look up at your URL, you’ll notice that it’s no longer your own domain’s URL. It’s a Shopify URL. This isn’t critical, but it is something to be very aware of. And it’s one reason store owners have gone to Shopify Plus because having your own domain name throughout the entire experience is, in my opinion, well worth going to Shopify Plus alone. However, understanding that with your checkout page you cannot add any third party apps, meaning you can’t touch it. So we have a solution for you, and with this solution, we help KUTOA increase their sales’ conversion rate from 0.58 to 1.78 sales conversion rate overnight. So if this is your checkout page, simple solution is your cart page.

Given that any visitors that visit any one of these pages, 98% of them are leaving, let’s today just do one simple thing. Let’s focus on your cart page. This is a shopper who’s already added an item to your cart, and he’s either going to hit apple + T, search your domain name for the coupon code, or maybe keep shopping or just not ready. Let’s forget about the checkout page for today; let’s only focus on your cart page. This is easy enough to target these visitors. You can do it with an exit offer. You can do it with a timed offer. Just engage with your visitors on your cart page today, and you’ll be able to convert more traffic into sales. Good luck. If you have any questions we’ll draw up some links, and our team’s here for you.